Chicago Marathon 2015

This is really a super late post.

The Expo

The expo was held at Chicago’s McCormick Place. As with other races I’ve joined in the US, there were a lot of exhibitors and free items. The really cool thing in the expo is the electronic board where you can have your picture taken with your name and the hastag #OWNCHICAGO.


I went home with a bag full of energy gels and bars, new pair of Thorlos Xperia socks and bunch of photos.

Getting to the Starting Line

Since I was staying at Bryan’s place in Lisle, we have to wake up early and take the 5AM train to downtown Chicago. It was really cold that morning but the weather forecast last night that it was going to be hot. I just couldn’t related the word “hot” with Chicago fall weather. Anyway, when we boarded the train I felt a sense of marathon excitement as the train was full of runners and their supporters. Despite being early, everyone was in a good mood and eagerly anticipating the day.


Before Gun Start

I was wearing my Run United Marathon 2015 singlet and it acted like a magnet as I walked around the corral, Filipino runners would say hi and ask me if I am based in the US or in the Philippines. I did even met runners wearing Greenhills Running club shirts. I imagined there must be a lot of Filipinos running that day.


The Marathon

At the starting line, I positioned myself behind the 5:25 pace group. Not because I was targeting sub-5:30 but because I wanted to start the first half strong so that if need be I can walk the second half. You see I wasn’t able to prepare for this marathon as much as I wanted to. I blame it to a new project I’m handling plus adding the factor that I started working the graveyard shift a month before this marathon.


Half way through, I managed to clocked 2:49. Not bad for somebody whose longest run was only 21K. But then, the heat (it was already around 80F) and lack of training started to take its toll on me. By kilometer 30, I couldn’t keep up anymore with the 5:25 pace group and I started to take walking breaks. To make the long story short, I finished with a time of 6:33. Not my worst marathon time but definitely something to be proud of considering the circumstances I’ve faced.


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