Firsts for 2012

Back to 5K

After a not so impressive 2011 long distance races, I’ve decided to cut back the distance and start from the beginning. Instead of running the longest distance (16K) for this year’s Timex Run, I registered for the 5K. I ran yesterday together with Bobby, Jaimie and Let on the last half. We ran at a very relaxed paced and chatted the whole time. Before we knew, we are already near the finish line. It was a FUN 5K run and I should do this more often.

the gang with Coach Rio (photo c/o Kulitrunner)

bloggers with Gemma of Timex (photo c/o HuggingFit Mum)

Back to Biking

I woke up early this morning not to go to work but to head to Cainta to meet up with Bobby for our bike ride to Antipolo. I had been wanting to bike for the longest time and since today was a holiday I grabbed the chance to take out my bike after a year of hibernation. As it was in yesterday’s Timex Run, today’s bike ride was also FUN. It was nice revisiting Valley Golf area, Antipolo Church and Hinulugang Taktak. You’ll definitely see Roadie more.

Roadie was sighted at Antipolo


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