Heel Pain and Cramps at Run United 2

I had high hopes waking up Sunday morning. Finishing 1:10 for the 10K NBA Fit Run and seeing how I can now run a 2K in 12 mins made me think that I can finish 21K in 2:30.

I arrived early at the starting line of the Run United 2 21K and met up with good friends Jaimie and Gigi. At 5:10AM we were off. I’ve never seen so many runners that morning. It was jam packed on the first U-turn along 5th ave. The crowd started to ease along 32nd st. This is the time when I also felt something wrong with my left foot.

I felt pain on my heel but not as intense as what I felt in 2009. Not sure if my plantar fasciitis is back but this didn’t stop me to continue running. I took occasional walking breaks when I reach a water station just to ease the pain. I managed to complete 10K in 1:12.

At the 16km, I started cramping (I am now beginning to hate Buendia). The cramping was as bad as what I’ve experienced in the US Half Marathon. From km 16 onwards, I was dealing with cramps and heel pain. I had thrown in the towel and told myself that I’ll run for my PR some other time as runners were overtaking one by one. I finished the 21K in 2:50.

This runner is resting right now. The heel is much better but still experiencing cramps from time to time.


2 thoughts on “Heel Pain and Cramps at Run United 2

  1. broj says:

    get well soon! more races to come to set PR! See you soon!

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