The Full After the Half – 35th Milo Marathon

3 years ago, I ran the 10K of the 32nd Milo Marathon. I was a newbie back then and running a full marathon didn’t crossed my mind. It was also the race where I started to get to know my running friends. Waking up race day last Sunday, gave me flashbacks.

It is my first time running the full marathon here in Manila and having done full marathons in the US, I didn’t know what to expect. I had apprehensions because of the not so good things I heard about previously held marathons here – no water, no marshals and worst of all getting lost along the route. Not being biased but knowing this year’s race organizer is RunRio, I didn’t hesitate to sign-up.

As previously posted, I wasn’t able to train fully for this marathon. Bahala na si Batman! I will leave it up to muscle memory and will power to finish. I arrived at Mall of Asia and it was pouring. I was planning to bring my camera but decided to leave it in my car. I went to the starting line looking for familiar faces and I saw Philip. We chatted for a while and at 4AM we were off.

I was doing ok on the first 21K. Unlike the Rexona run, I was able to go over the Buendia and Edsa flyovers without walking (big achievement I must say for someone suffering from cramps in the last few races). I only took walking breaks at the water stations. Also, I didn’t feel any cramping on calves (the bananas worked)! Trouble began at the last half. My left knee and both feet started to hurt. I was struggling along Buendia Ave. What kept me going was the 5 hour cut-off time at 32km mark.

When I hit BGC, the rain stopped. This prompted me to use my iPod for extra boost. I made it to the 32km mark at 4:45. Finishing under 6 hours was a possibility but then my lack of training started to take its toll on me. I was walking more and it was probably the longest 10K of my life. At the last 3kms, I resigned to the fact that I won’t make it to the 6 hr cut-off. I finished in 6:16.

at the 26km (photo c/o J Running)

While I received my finisher’s medal, the guy handing my loot bag told me “Congratulations for finishing but I’m sorry you didn’t make the cut off.” Okay, I know I ran more than 6 hours but the least you can do is be positive. But what the heck, I am a Milo Marathoner finisher and would vow to be back with a vengeance next year.

my favorite medal of all

I would like to end this post with a few more notes on what made my first Philippine marathon such an awesome experience:

  • Good morning greeting from the marshals and volunteers on the water stations
  • Endless cheers from group
  • Salt and bananas along Buendia ave
  • Bro J and Swthrt on the 26th km mark along Rizal Drive, BGC
  • Free massage from another running group (sorry I forgot the name) on the way back to MOA
  • Endless smiles and words of encouragement from fellow runners

See you on next year’s 36th Milo Marathon 😀


5 thoughts on “The Full After the Half – 35th Milo Marathon

  1. bro j says:

    Hi wilbert! Congrats! nakaka-inggit nga kayo. Next year Team JRunning will be there!

  2. Welcome back Wilbert!!!! Grabe, wala pang training yan ha. Congratulations! Big hug, kiss, kiss . . .

    See you at Unilab?

  3. Ryan says:

    A finish is a finish…congratulations sir! I was there at the support station and it was very inspiring seeing all the runners especially the 42k runners 🙂 Hopefully I’ll finish my 1st marathon next year 🙂

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