The Half Before The Full

I signed up for the 42K at this year’s Milo Marathon but the monsoon season has hampered by training runs. I was on hamster mode for the past weeks. My supposedly 32km long run 2 weeks ago ended up with just 13km of running on the treadmill at the gym. Missing out that 32km run means I’m doomed.

Last week, I met up with my good friend Gigi for some chat and coffee at UP Ayala Technohub. She asked me how my training was and I told her how doomed I was. I learned from her that she is getting back to running and she would be doing 21K at the Rexona Run with our friend Jaimie. Since I didn’t had the chance to do the 32K, I thought about running another 21K instead. I know it may sound crazy that I’m running 21K a week before the full marathon but I knew that I had to do it because of the circumstances. Last minute, I was able to register for the Rexona 21K with the help of Vimz.

Race day, before gun start I met up with Bobby, Gigi and Jaimie. To my surprise, Jaymie was also there. It was sort of a mini-reunion (wished my other running friends from way back when were also there). Gigi, Jaimie and Bobby weren’t expecting much for this run. The goal was just to finish under 3 hours.

To cut the long story short, I finished with a time of 2:47. I was feeling good the first 8 kms but had to do a lot of walking breaks after due to cramps (my calves still hurt as of this writing). Overall, it was still a great run. The bonus is, I was able to test the Milo route well half of it – the Roxas Blvd part which will help me strategize in finishing under 6 hours.

Me, Jaimie, Gigi, Bobby and Vimz (photo c/o Gigi)


2 thoughts on “The Half Before The Full

  1. Good Luck at Milo! Just run it the way I saw you at Seattle R&R …… fast and furious.

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