Bike+Covey Run 2010

I had my first taste of “dua” yesterday. I registered for the Covey Run in Woodinville the last minute but was wondering how to get to the race venue.

The problem with living here in the US temporarily is getting around anywhere. I don’t have a car and was contemplating of renting a car, sleeping over at a friend’s apartment or biking. Renting a car is a bit pricey. If the race was a half or full marathon I could justify the cost but this is just 10K. Sleeping over a friend’s house means I have to wake up my friend early in the morning which might be a hassle for him. And so, I decided to just bike – 20 miles (32 kms) long. Yikes!

To make it to the race venue at 9AM, I left my apartment past 6AM. Wearing a jacket, long sleeves tech shirt, running shorts, running shoes and hydration backpack, I biked through the quiet and cold morning. I got to the starting line at Redhook Brewery with 15 minutes to spare. I bike 20 miles in 1hr and 30 minutes (which I think is my fastest so far). The bike was easy and now comes the hard part, running 10 km after.

The course was flat but I was already feeling the burn on my legs on the 3rd km. My 6 min/km pace became 6:30, 7 then 7:30. I had walking breaks at the water stations. I managed to push my pace back to 6 min/km on the last km and finished the course in 1:09. Way slower than my 58 minutes last year but still a decent time. With more bike+run training I can definitely improve.

So what’s next? Join an official duathlon? We’ll see. 🙂


One thought on “Bike+Covey Run 2010

  1. haha sir that’s what you call passion.

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