Mercer Island Half Marathon 2010 – Long Run #1

How do I start this post? Uhm… waking up late. Race starts at 9AM and I woke up at 7:12AM. The original plan was to wake at 6:30AM, have breakfast then catch the bus at 7:35AM and arrive at the race venue at 8AM. Days before, I saw Marga’s FB post about the Smith Herrera syndrome. That must be a sign. Haha.

I immediately dressed up, grabbed my things (good thing I packed the night before) and was out of my apartment to catch the next bus at 7:44AM. I was crossing the street to the bus stop when the bus came. I wasn’t late – the bus was early. I waved at the bus driver but he did not stop. I had not choice but to wait for the next bus.

Luckily, the next bus was early. I thought that I would have the chance to catch the transfer bus but no. I was 8 blocks away to catch the transfer bus when an old man on the sidewalk suddenly threw his jacket over the bus. The bus stopped and the driver told us that he is not allowed to continue driving not until what was on top of the bus is removed. Now there is no way I can catch the next bus. I got off , with no other choice hailed a cab and arrived at the race venue around 8:30AM.

Comparing it to last year, there were more runners that morning and I was surprised to bumped into my manager. I knew he was running but it was good to see him (he runs a sub 2 hr half marathon). It always feels good to be running with friends. We chatted for a bit and said good luck to each other and then we are off.

Going into this race, I know that I will not be able to break last year’s PR. I was hoping I can run with my manager and do a sub 2 hr but my legs – quads in particular are still sore from last week’s run. I told my manager that I would be happy if I get 2:15 – this after all is just a training run for my 3rd full marathon on May 2. First half I was still doing fine – 10K in 1hr. Going into the second half, my quads started to burn. My run was reduced to a jog then to walk on the uphills.

I finished my first half marathon and first long run in 2:25. Not a PR, not 2:15 but still happy as I am on target in finishing my 3rd marathon in sub-5 hours. My legs are still sore as of this writing. I will be resting the entire week and get back to training on Sunday. Bengay is my new best friend. 😀


4 thoughts on “Mercer Island Half Marathon 2010 – Long Run #1

  1. run unltd. says:

    Grabe naman, tinanghali na nang gising, nagkaproblema pa sa commute; mukhang matatagalan talaga sa finish time ah. Anyway, huli man daw at magaling, naihahabol rin. Congrats on your half and good luck on your next full. RICE the legs muna.

  2. lovelypt05 says:

    hi! i was just checking the stats for the mercer island half marathon when i was directed to your link. my husband and i also joined the race with some of his highschool friends from seattle and vancouver, bc. we’re from oregon. it was their first half marathon and my first 10k run. i wasn’t able to see any pinoys aside form us. maybe because there were a lot of participants that day. anyway, it was nice to reading your blog. good thing you were able to make it on time. the traffic was well managed anyway. good luck on your next full marathon.

    • ibetlacbay says:

      mabuhay! thanks for dropping by. congratulations to you and your husband. for sure there were a lot of pinoys but as you said, there were a lot or runners that morning. keep on running and hopefully you’ll join your husband on his next half marathon.

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