Pre-Marathon Thoughts

– Storms are coming in one after another. Hope it will not rain on marathon day

– Just did a 20 mile run today. I know its a bit late but I badly needed that run. Hope I recover 100% before marathon day.

– With few training runs (due to work and weather) I might kiss the sub-5 hour target goodbye.

– I need to bring my ipod for this race.


8 thoughts on “Pre-Marathon Thoughts

  1. m8parco says:

    Good luck Wilbert!!

  2. Go go go Wilbert! 🙂

  3. jonel says:

    kaya mo iyan wilbert.42 times na 1 kilometer lang yan.

  4. dhenztm says:

    of all people you Wilbert is in doubt? weh? kayang-kaya mo yan! mahirap nga lang pag umulan hehe (ginaw) good luck! 😀

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