Not to Tri

Work has been crazy this past few weeks and I haven’t had the time to look for a bike. I guess I will Tri some other time.


4 thoughts on “Not to Tri

  1. run unltd. says:

    Ako rin, the UP dean’s cup is 5 days ahead, I still don’t have a bike. I’ll pass on this. Sigh, sana ipinatakbo na lang yung 20km bike leg plus 5km more run leg. Regards to you out there.

    baka nga mas mabilis ka pa sa bike. hehehe

  2. m8parco says:

    There will always be another time to Tri. I will probably do the October 18 TRAP sponsored sprint triathlon in Ayala, Alabang. My swim and run were both above average but my bike leg has been my achilles heel.

    Regards Mark

    ako swimming mahina. i tried swimming in Lake Washington, hirap! good luck on Oct 18 🙂

  3. Zimm says:

    San pa ba patungo kindi sa TRI! Kaya go na. Ako palagi na nga… secret yun ha. Palagi sa TRINOMA! Bwahahaha!

    Bro, punta ka pala sa Andun yung link sa blog mo. Surprise!

    hello kenyanrunner 😛 miss ko na tri – trinoma. hehehe

  4. Jaymie says:

    It takes so much more commitment (and time) for me to go out there and train for a tri compared to running where we just lace up, run, and we get back early enough to get back to work.

    Yes, there’ll always be another tri! Hopefully your load lightens up soon 🙂

    yeah. so i signed up for another marathon instead. hehehe. will tri again next time 😛

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