Next Races

Torchlight Run – July 25 Downtown Seattle. It’s is part of Seattle’s Seafair – the month long summer festival. This will also be my first race after my first marathon.


US Half Marathon – November 1 San Francisco. I will be invading SFRunner‘s beloved city. Running Fatboy and Per will also be running. 🙂


Seattle Marathon – November 29 Seattle. My second marathon and I would be taking a shot of finishing in less than 5 hours.



2 thoughts on “Next Races

  1. Wayne says:

    Wilbert, you, Per and Dennis will enjoy the SF visit. I’ll do my best on that. I’ll be running on the Golden Gate Bridge for my long run this Sunday because there’s an Aids Walk in Golden Gate Park. Will let you guys know how everything is.

    Take care. The half and the marathon are spaced out very well.

    i haven’t booked my flight yet but will let you know. thanks Wayne and see you soon.

  2. run unltd. says:

    Good luck. Make the most of it, USA is the best place for PR breaking races. Get it now!

    thanks. first shot at PR is this saturday.

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