Express Yourself

I know several of us have favorite singlets/running jersey/shirt that we use in major running events. It maybe Nike or Adidas, your running group’s jersey or it may even be personalized. I already wore my “Come Visit the Philippines” shirt in Vancouver and “IAmNinoy” here in Seattle.

Here are a few personalized shirts/jersey wore by Seattle Rock ‘n’ Roll runners that caught my attention:


I was running behind a young lady with this written on her back on the first 8 miles. 😉

I thought we signed up for a beer run

Two ladies were wearing this shirt. There could be beers waiting for them at the finish line. hehe

Marathon Maniacs

I just learned that there is a running group here in the US called Marathon Maniacs. I was able to chat to one of them during the race. She was probably in her 40s and said she completed 3 marathons in 3 months to be a member. Wow!

I can do all things through Christ which strengthens me

I say AMEN to this! This showed up on the 21st mile (when I needed strength and inspiration).

Kayo? What will you be wearing on your next race?


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