Vancouver Running Photos

May 2, 2009 – Race Expo at Concord Pacific Place



May 3, 2009 – Race Day.




with fellow Pinoy runners - Trixie & John

with fellow Pinoy runners - Trixie & Joaquin





10 thoughts on “Vancouver Running Photos

  1. Gigi says:

    Nice Birthday run for you! Hindi natuloy si Duane sa vancouver… He was given a different flight last weekend… Galing mo dude.. And I like the hair! 🙂

    thanks Gigi. I was looking for him at the start. buti na lang i met pinoy runners after the race. I already had my hair trimmed but it’s still long. hehehe

  2. jinoe says:

    Yah. The hair dude. Ganda ng medal. Sana tumakbo ka pa uli for another medal. Bigay mo sa akin. 😀

    mahal ang pagupit kaya humaba siya. hehehe. yung mga medals nakasabit lang along the finish line. nakakatempt kumuha ng isa pa. hehe

  3. Let says:

    nice pics. happy birthday. may the Lord bless you and keep you. 🙂

    thanks Let!

  4. bards says:

    oo nga ganda ng medal! happy birthday wilbert!

    sobrang ganda ng medal. i was able to meet the designer during the expo.

  5. run unltd. says:

    Ang lupet, Wilbert. You’re conquering places, keep it up. Happy natal day. Yung buhok mo rin ang una kong napansin.

    thanks Vener. pinaka mahaba na yan.

  6. prometheuscometh says:

    Happy birthday Wilbert! One year older but so much faster!

    thanks Jay. I do agree, older, wiser and faster 🙂

  7. Congratulations for the great run. Nice to see the pictures of vancouver again. brought back a lot of great memories. nice to see a picture of trixie H. with you. she is a friend of mine here in Ayala Alabang . regards

    thanks Pat! i would definitely join again if i had the chance. i didn’t know you and trixie are friends but i can definitely say she is already a pro in running.

  8. sundaywarrior says:

    Hi Wilbert congrats and happy birthday..Nice run there

    thanks Chito!

  9. highaltitude says:

    Happy Birthday, Wilbert!
    and congratulation too…

    thanks Jerry!

  10. kulitrunner says:

    anhaba na ng buhok mo ever! 😉

    hahaha. walang pera pampagupit pero may pera pang register sa races.

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