Yes I’m In


Full Marathon here I come!


8 thoughts on “Yes I’m In

  1. prometheuscometh says:

    Good luck my friend!

    salamat Jay!

  2. jinoe says:

    Goodluck. The Rock n Roll Marathon is an exciting one. Dyan ka pa pala sa US ma devirginize.

    thanks Jinoe! if all goes well, baka maka 2 ako dito sa Seattle. 😉

  3. dhenztm says:

    Wow full marathon! Good luck! 😀

    yep. i hope i can finish it. 😛

  4. jdcanono says:

    Good luck!

    thanks Jesse!

  5. itsmysocalledlife says:

    have an injury-free and safe marathon. enjoy the race. 🙂

    thanks Let 🙂

  6. bobby says:

    Let’s Rock “n” Roll! Goodluck!

    full marathon ka na rin bob

  7. moljcy says:

    what a way to do your first full! Good luck!

    thanks. rock n roll na ito. 🙂

  8. kulitrunner says:

    go, go, go wil! good luck 😉

    thanks KR!

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