Mercer Island Half Marathon – Virtual Condura Race

First off, I would like to say congratulations to my friends who ran the 21K Condura Race. So while I missed the Condura Race this year, I found myself my virtual Condura Run, the Mercer Island Half Marathon. I found this race while shopping for my winter running gear upon arriving here in Seattle.

Saturday night Seattle, I was already reading blogs and facebook status on how the Condura Race went. I was very excited on doing my own half marathon that I wasn’t able to sleep well. I would wake up every hour and even dreamt I was late for the race. Hehehe. This has been a regular thing for me during big and anticipated races (or was it because of my ginisang munggo dinner?) 

After finishing my oatmeal, I left my apartment and arrived at Mercer Island around 8AM. I had enough time to pick up my race bib and time chip at the registration area. 20 minutes before race start, I did my warm-ups and some stretching.

Registration Area at the Mercer Island Community Center

Registration Area at the Mercer Island Community Center


race bib, time chip, garmin and Asics are ready!

race bib, time chip, garmin and Asics are ready!

There were pace markers at the starting line. I positioned myself at 9:01 – 10:00 minute per mile pace. I had no idea at first if this is the right pace for me as I am familiar with the metric system. I know I can do 6:00 per kilometer but I don’t have a calculator in hand to convert min/km to min/mi. Bahala na si Batman. 



The half marathon race started at 9:05AM. The weather was overcast and there was a drizzle at the start of the race. I don’t have an estimate but there were a huge number of half marathon runners. The route reminded me of Baguio but colder. We were running around Mercer Island which is in Lake Washington. The lake was in view everytime you look to the left. 

route as tracked by Garmin

route as tracked by Garmin

The roads were winding but were lined by tall trees. You will probably see the largest houses in this side of Washington. The Mercer Island residents were very supportive of the runners. They would give you high fives, cheer and even give you water on small paper cups. I was surprised to see cheerleaders lined up at the 10th mile marker.

Learning from my first half marathon, i took advantage of the downhills to recover lost time from the uphills. I also made sure that I drink water at each water station to prevent dehydration even though the temperatures are in the 40s. I was afraid that I would conked out in this race but was surprised to maintain a good pace until the 10 mile. The last 3 miles was really a struggle as I was already tired and it was uphill all the way to the finish line.

I crossed the finish line and heard the announcer called my name “Wilbert Lackbey”. My Garmin registered a time of 2:07:56, way better than my Adidas KOTR time 2:33:22.

me at the race expo

me at the race expo

Community Center

Community Center

starting line

starting line

awaiting the gunfire

awaiting the gunfire





Oranges, bananas, bagels, water, electrolytes and Starbucks coffee awaited the finishers. I took a few bites, rested and went back to my apartment to prepare for mass.

Til the next half marathon. Vancouver anyone?

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11 thoughts on “Mercer Island Half Marathon – Virtual Condura Race

  1. bards says:

    sosyal, starbucks sa finish line! congratulations!

    thanks Bards! seattle is the birthplace of starbucks kasi. hehe

  2. dennis says:

    oooh starbucks ksama freebie. ok ah. sana magawa rin ng organizers dito sa Philippines although they might raise entry fee by P150 din. Haha. Congrats on your PR!

    maliit lang yung cups pero pwede kang magpabalik-balik. hehe

  3. Running Diva says:

    Congrats, Wilbert! You did well. I missed you here. I had no pacer because you are in the US. Just like you, I said, “bahala na si Batman!” I didn’t do well in this run but nevertheless I had a much improved time than Adidas KOTR. Conquering Skyway was no easy feat!

    thanks Roselle!

  4. Gigi says:

    GALENG NG TIME MO!!! 🙂 Go ka sa Vancouver! Hopefully, I’ll see you there in October or sometime in 2010. 😉 Alam mo namn na plans ko… Bahala na din si Batman!

    thanks Gigi! i need to apply for canadian visa first pero i’ll definitely do it. see you soon!

  5. moljcy says:

    this is a nice way of doing the Condura on the other side of the world! Congrats! Great pics too!

    thanks! i really brought my camera during my run to take those pictures.

  6. prometheuscometh says:

    wooohooo! i wish you could have brought over some of that cold weather here! but i guess we will have to settle for some virtual chill!

    kung pwede nga lang ilagay sa balikbayan box at ipadala ko sa inyo diyan. hehehe

  7. run unltd. says:

    Tingnan mo nga pareho tayo ng finish time, yan ang virtual pacing. Congrats Wilbert, kahit one minute off tayo sa target, finished strong pa rin. I know bumabaha jan ng starbucks, taga riyan kasi ang owner niyan, balato naman.

    thanks Vener! pagod na talaga ako sa last 3 miles pero i’m happy pa rin with my time. til the next virtual pacing.

  8. witchkitty says:

    Galeeng! what a hill start! lol! well run!

    thanks Chaia! but i’m not as fast as you. hehehe

  9. bobby says:

    isa lang masasabi ko, congrats “wilburt lacbey” hehehe…

    hehehe. thanks bob! congrats din sayo.

  10. loonyrunner says:

    they announce your name when you cross the finish? cool! congrats! 😀

    thanks. yes, nagulat din ako nung sinabi nila yung name ko (in an american accent hehehe)

  11. lonerunner says:

    Wilbert lackbey, Ang ganda naman dyan! Congrats sa yo.

    hahaha. Tenks Smith.

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