St. Patrick’s Day Dash


What is St. Patrick’s Day Dash?

The St. Patrick’s Day Dash is the largest St. Patrick’s Day fun run in the US attracting nearly 15,000 runners, walkers, joggers & crawlers. A Seattle tradition for the past 24 years, thousands of people join the fun by dressing-up with an Irish spirit and celebrate the arrival of spring!

It was indeed a fun run! I experienced first hand how big and fun this racing event is. The assembly area is at the Seattle Center, home of Key Arena and of course the Space Needle. More than 15,000 (7000+ in the timed waves) participated in this event wearing green hat, green shirt, green shorts, green necklaces and bracelets (it felt like you were in a LaSalle run or rally for a moment). There were bagpipers playing at the start of the race which added that extra Irish touch. There were also photographers, tv cameras and crowds cheering you on and giving high fives.

The route was 3 3/4 mile or 6 km. The first part of the route was downhill until the tunnel. As much as you would want to run at a faster pace, you couldn’t because of the large number of runners. I was zigzaging my way through the crowd. After the tunner, it was uphill all the way until the turnaround point at Aurora Bridge. It was a steady ascent – think of the New Balance Clark 25K route minus the hot weather. After the turnaround it was downhill again with a short ascent to the finish line. It was on this part where I started to pick up my pace to make up lost time in the ascent. Garmin registered 00:34:18 for a distance of 6.25km.

As I would expect, the race was very well-organized. The race started on time. I was in the green wave – the first group to start off and we were set off at exactly 8:30AM. There were marshals the entire route. To ensure the safetly of all runners, both sides of the road were closed to traffic. You wouldn’t have to play patintero with vehicles or worry about getting sideswiped. The baggage area or “gear check” was indoors and there were a lot of marshals. It was a breeze checking in and checking out your baggage.  Although there were a lot of runners, there was no line on the finish as time chips were used. I already got the unofficial result – I placed 2023 out of 7234, 233 out of 571 runners in the green wave. 



So what’s memorable with this race? Running in the snow (temperature was freezing!) and drinking beer at 9:30 in the morning! hehe

Sorry guys, I didn’t have much photos this time as my camera fogged up due to the weather.

it's snowing!

it's snowing!

Dash - check!

completed first US race

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10 thoughts on “St. Patrick’s Day Dash

  1. dhenztm says:

    wow congrats! how much does the registration cost?

    their online results are interesting…we’ll get there hehe. it’s amazing how popular running is there in the US. you’re in the green wave, the first group to start so I guess it means you’re in the elite group! 😀

    napipilit maging elite. hehehe. registration is $25.

  2. DATC says:

    We don’t celebrate St. Patrick’s here but maybe we could have a St. Michael (San Miguel) celebration around hmmm….October?? Hint to the race organizers out there! 🙂

    magandang idea yan. aside from the usual Oktoberfest, why don’t San Miguel organize a race. 😛

  3. ganns says:

    Wow! That’s amazing! Itaguyod ang bandera!!

    thanks ganns! i have this “come visit the philippines” shirt kaso i wasn’t able to use is kasi malamig

  4. run unltd. says:

    Galing! Give your shoes a grip, Seattle is a rainy place, all year long. Till our condura 21 run, virtually… Ingatz.

    thanks Vener! see you next week (virtually) for the half.

  5. Jay says:

    Sarap naman! Nice gear, organized races (with timing chips pa!), lovely weather, and fantastic scenery…running heaven ata pinuntahan mo!

    hehehe. hope next Sunday’s weather is not windy. the half marathon course kasi is around Mercer Island.

  6. bobby says:

    ayos! 1 down, more to go…

    excited na ako sa half sa sunday

  7. kulitrunner says:

    congrats wil! go, go, go! 🙂

    thanks vimz!

  8. moljcy says:

    i like your number!

    galing ano?

  9. m8parco says:

    Champion ka talaga!

    opkors! hehehe

  10. Bro J says:

    Congratulations on your first US race! Galing!

    thanks! going for number 2 ako on Sunday 🙂

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