Virtually Running With My Friends

I’m sure that not everybody knows that Condura Race for Tubbataha was my first race for 2008 and only my second since I started running. It would be awesome if I could participate again now that the race is bigger and better.

So, while my friends in Manila are doing the 21K at Condura Run on March 22 for the whale sharks


I will be running 21K at Mercer Island Rotary Half Marathon for colon cancer awareness. 🙂


Kitakits sa finish line and don’t forget to take pictures!

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3 thoughts on “Virtually Running With My Friends

  1. dhenztm says:

    Buti ka pa may race plans na… di ako aabot sa race season dito sa Ohio kaya raceless Feb ako at blank din ang US race list ko hehe. Good luck on your race!

    zero rin races ko for Feb pero bawi ako sa March. hehehe.

  2. therainman96 says:

    wow! don’t forget to post your photos also.

    of course. kaso wala akong mga photographer ngayon dito (attn gigi & vimz) kaya baka puro pictures ng ibang tao at hindi ako kasali.

  3. i2runner says:

    Meron din bang skyway yan? Hehehe…

    wala eh pero may floating bridges dito 🙂

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