Green Lake Park Run


After last week’s shopping, I was eager to “break-in” my new gear this week. The temperature today will be in low 40s and the sun will show up in the afternoon according to Yey!

I had hotsilog for brunch and left my apartment at 11:30 AM to catch the bus going to Green Lake Park. The bus ride took almost an hour (including waiting for transfers) but I didn’t mind. I was able to see another side of Seattle. The view on the Aurora Ave bridge is very beautiful- you can see Lake Union and downtown Seattle. There are several bus stops around Green Lake but I chose the one in NE 71st Ave & Woodlawn Ave where the sports stores are located. The perfect place to do my “cool down”.

The path along Green Lake is asphalt and has a yellow line in the middle to divide the users of the path. The right side is for “feet” – runners, joggers and walkers while the left side is for “wheels” – roller blades and bikes. You can go any direction you want but I went running counter-clockwise.

I figured I could do 2 rounds first and see if I could still add one more. I was prepared gear wise this time and was comfortably running at 5:30 – 5:40 pace on the first round. I was already breaking a sweat after the 1st kilometer. There were a lot of people on the path but most of them are walking so once in a while you have to zigzag your way around them. Those running look serious/experienced runners as they were running faster than my pace. There was even a lady running in the opposite direction wearing an “IronMan” top.

After one round, I took a short break to stretch and to take a sip. My second round is nothing much different than the first except this time, I tried to enjoy the view. Green Lake Park really offers good running path and view.

Here are the pictures I took after completing 9 kms.








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9 thoughts on “Green Lake Park Run

  1. mickymac says:

    Balot na balot ka… parang lumpia!

    Hehehhee.. Joke lang ser. Great to see you running again.

    mikey, kelangan eh. kung hindi maninigas ka sa lamig. hehehe

  2. Jay says:

    Huwaw! Sino yang model ng Runnersworld?

    hahaha. feeling model for RW winter edition. abangan ang spring edition!

  3. jinoe says:

    Sama ako!!!

    Tara! 🙂

  4. Gigi says:

    Men, and COOL mo 😀 Mukha kang ngang RW model! As Jay said 😀 Hindi na ako makakasali sa Desert Dash – meron akong sasalihan na 5K sa Vegas. Busy kasi eh – ALAM mo na YUN 😀

    ako cool? sure ako yung weather cool. hehehe. when yang 5K sa Vegas? san na yung itinerary mo?

  5. bards says:

    nakup! paano na ang costume sa summer edition? hehe

    great pics wilbert and brave run, 40s brrrrrr.

    topless na bards! hahaha. oks na yung 40s basta wag lang 30s pero spring is near!

  6. therainman96 says:

    papano pag nanigas ka sa lamig? naka tights ka pa naman… 🙂


  7. dhenztm says:

    buti ka pa nakakatakbo lagi ako kinakapos ng time huhuhu… saan mo nabili yung tights mo? I don’t have any thermal tights yet that’s why I am not able to do my runs… maganda pa naman tumakbo dito (Ohio) ng hapon usually may light snow. 🙂

    search ka ng running stores sa Ohio from Runner’s World. dun ko lang nahanap yung running store. kung may cycling shorts ka, pwede yun pang-ilalim sa regular shorts mo.

  8. lonerunner says:

    Ang sarap I-roast ng mga duck!

    gusto mo ng peking duck? hehehe

  9. Bro J says:

    sarap naman! great photos! nice to hear that you’re doing well!

    thanks Bro J! 🙂

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