Weekend of Shopping

It was suppose to be another running adventure weekend for me but turned out to be a move in and setup as I have just found my own apartment. My Saturday started at Ikea and Walmart buying stuff – sofa bed, table, chairs, pots and pans, grocery, etc. to make my apartment liveable. I was up all night trying to assemble my table and sofa bed and fixing up my place.



Sunday morning was church day. Instead of going to a nearby church, I decided to head to downtown and hear mass at St. James Cathedral. It was very cold and cloudy and was not conducive to running. After mass and lunch at a downtown mall, I started my way to find Sound Sports store.

As I do not have all the running gear to be able to run in this very cold weather, I searched the Runner’s World website for running stores in Seattle. Sound Sports was one of the nearby stores from my place. After 10 minutes of walking, I found the store along Madison St. and lo and behold, all apparels are on 30% off! It was just a small store but offered all the running gear you can imagine. The store attendants were courteous and helpful. shopping

I got a Brooks jacket, Asics gloves, Sugoi running tights, Ultimate Direction hydration belt and Nathan Nike Ipod shoe pouch. I left the store with a big smile on my face. 🙂  Now I can’t wait to put on these gears and start running again.

The store also has brochures on the next running events in Seattle – St. Patrick’s Day Dash on March 15 and Mercer Island Rotary Half Marathon on March 22. I’m likely to join both events.

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13 thoughts on “Weekend of Shopping

  1. jinoe says:

    aba. mukhang maganda ang mga running plans dyan a.

    yep. start na ng running season dito sa march. excited na ako. 🙂

  2. run unltd. says:

    Good luck, makikita natin ngayon ang difference ng races jan compared here in ph. Keep on posting. Time to break in your stuffs, go!

    thanks. excited na ako sa mga races dito. will keep everyone posted

  3. prometheuscometh says:

    wooohoo! nakakainggit naman yung shopping na yan!

    kung madami lang akong pera mas madami sana akong nabili. hehe

  4. ganns says:

    Ganda ng sportsuit! The reflectors really work! Hahaha!

    Looking forward to the story of your new journey, bro. Keep it goin’!

    yeah. the reflectors are working. really excited to try them out.

  5. kulitrunner says:

    yahoo! nakapag-shopping na si VR! hehe… asan na nag para sa amin aber??? hehehehe….

    hahaha. nasan na yung bayad niyo?

  6. bobby says:

    ayos! wala pang takbo may wardrobe report na hahaha…go, go, go! 😉

    hahaha. i know inaabangan niyo parati yung wardrobe report with or without a run. hehehe

  7. Running Diva says:

    Shopaholic for running gears. 😀 Good luck Wil. Please send my regards to FOMs.

    sure Roselle

  8. m8parco says:

    All weather gear! Puede rin yan pang beach volleyball sa Seattle!

    Regards Mark and Tiffin

    hahaha. pati volleyball pwede? 😛

  9. Wayne says:

    Wilbert, glad you found a running store. The only one that I’m familiar with there is Jock N’ Jill. I don’t know how close it is to where you live but you might want to check it out.

    Hi Wayne. That one is near Greenlake Park. I will be checking it out this Saturday.

  10. lonerunner says:

    Bro, yung mapagsawaan mo benta mo ng Ukay-Ukay dito pag balik mo or donate mo n lang sa Project ko na donate a Garmin. heheheh 🙂

    hahaha. meron ka palang project na ganyan. gandang idea niyan ah

  11. Wayne says:

    Hi Wilbert. Good luck in your upcoming races in March!

    Thanks Wayne! I just read your latest post about NB 1063. Would that shoes work for me? I have recovering from plantar and I am high arched.

  12. lonerunner says:

    wayne, they say runners with normal arch can also wear cushioned shoes, is that correct? if yes, i like to buy this shoes when it become available on sale at Glorietta.

    Ps: I am having difficulty making a comment on ur blog.


    I am having difficulty as well making a comment in Wayne’s blog.

  13. Wayne says:

    Wilbert and Smith….the MR1063 works well with a normal arch. It hugs the middle of the foot and the heel well. If you need more arch cushioning, there may be an insert available at most running stores. Wilbert, Spenco carries a couple of arch cushion inserts that cost $15-16 US. Smith, I’m not sure what the Philippines has.

    Regarding my blog, there has been off and on problems on my site. Sometimes, I may be on it but if there are any problems, please go to my profile on the right side and click it. On the profile, there’s an area that says e-mail and click that. Please send me an e-mail amd I’ll answer as quickly as I can.

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