Run to Lake Washington

First, a lesson in geography – Seattle is not a flat land but is composed of hills. My apartment is on top of Beacon Hill about 5 minutes from downtown Seattle. The destination for my first Seattle run – Lake Washington,  is approximately 5 kms from my apartment and is after Mt. Baker which is another hill.

Beacon Hill

Beacon Hill

Today’s weather is overcast and very cold. Wardrobe: upper – Nike fleece jacket on top of Mizuno Infinity Run shirt on top of Nike singlet. lower – Nike compression shorts and NB shorts. Talk about layering!

I started my run around 3PM. Part one is going down Beacon Hill and then going up Mt. Baker.  I had no problems on the downhill but the uphill climb was very exhaustive. I have already done several Antipolo run but this is by far the steepest climb I did. But the climb is rewarding as the view of Lake Washington is breathtaking. 

View of Lake Washington

View of Lake Washington

 It is another downhill through to Colman Park to reach Lake Washington. Colman Park as a beautiful trail leading to Lake Washington. I rested a while and enjoyed the beautiful scenery before heading back home.

Start of trail in Colman Park

Start of trail in Colman Park

Trail to Lake Washington

Trail to Lake Washington

Lake Washington

Lake Washington



I am running again! By the way, the actual temperature when I did my run is 37F. I hope next time the sun would show up but knowing Seattle it is always overcast.


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16 thoughts on “Run to Lake Washington

  1. moljcy says:

    Ang lamig naman! How was it like running at that weather?

    i was sweating but at the same time nilalamig. once mag stop ka lalamigin kaagad.

  2. bobby says:

    ayos! 1 run down, hundreds to go hehehe…kainggit naman weather dyan.

    more great views to come! maraming parks dito and lakes.

  3. Gigi says:

    NICE! Agree with Bobby 🙂 Remember, we are running with you even if you’re halfway across the world… Hay, hindi na ako ang official “portrait” photographer mo after a run… As usual, we’re excited and happy to hear about your stories. And HAPPY that you’re HAPPY there 😀

    yun nga. wala na akong photographer dito. i have to make use of timer para may picture ako.

  4. run unltd. says:

    Good to hear that you’re back. Keep on pounding.

    thanks Vener! abangan ang susunod na adventures.

  5. dhenztm says:

    Nice to hear that the weather there is “run-able.” I may have to do my runs there as well pretty soon. 🙂

    may ibang runners din at that time kaya pwede talagang tumakbo kahit malamig. punta ka rin ng US?

  6. m8parco says:

    Kaka-Inggit. i am sure your fitness will improve after running those hills every day.

    REgards Mark & Tiffin

    ang goal ko next time is to run the hills without rest. hehehe. kelan kayo punta dito?

  7. sundaywarrior says:

    More runs for you and pictures for us here…

    yep. i’m looking forward to more runs and pictures.

  8. lonerunner says:

    mas maganda pa rin ang moa route ko dyan at antipolo route ni bobby! hehehe. ka ingit ka wilbert! 🙂

    haha. sensiya na ganyan lang yung mga park dito eh.

  9. Bro J says:

    great photos and great run. pagbalik mo dito eh sisiw na ang MKH sa iyo.

    hehehe. sana nga sisiw na.

  10. dhenztm says:

    I’m scheduled to go to Ohio before Valentine’s, buti sa area mo medyo mainit-init ng konti hehe… mahirap maging running OFW! 🙂

    hahaha. oo nga. mahirap maging running OFW. email mo ako kapag andito ka na sa US.

  11. jazzrunner says:

    nice running scenes and trails you have there.

    may you have more fun runs in seattle!

    thanks! more running scenes in the coming days. 🙂

  12. itsmysocalledlife says:

    hey will, congratz sa cold run mo. 😀 how i wish na makatakbo din ako ng out of the country. hay… cheers!

    thanks let! tara takbo na rin kayo dito.

  13. marga says:

    putek i’m gonna freeze to death. ginawin pa naman ako

    haha. pero i’m sure you will love Lake Washington lalo na kung summer.

  14. cathydaza says:

    Naks! Stateside running spree… Nice pics!

    simula pa lang yan. thanks Cath

  15. Wayne says:

    Welcome to Seattle Wilbert! Great photos. Lake Washington is indeed a great area to run. Take care.

    Thanks Wayne! I am looking forward in running around Lake Washington next time.

  16. Running Diva says:

    i’m glad you’re doing OK out there Wil. Great photos. Great run! Any chance of meeting the FOMs?

    hello Roselle. i’m planning to meet Carol and Weng in spring.

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