Despedida Race – PSE Bull Run 2009

Prior to this race, I visited Dr. Martin Camara of InterCare last Friday morning to have my foot checked. It was no surprise that the diagnosis is really plantar fasciitis. I underwent ISmart session (this is really painful and I still have 2 sessions before I flyout. see Kulit Runner’s entry for more info) and the doctor recommended that I use heel cups.


Friday night, I was out in Bonifacio High Street for another Nike Running Clinic session. I did 6 laps around BHS and my running condition was very bad. I was limping the whole time and the coaches noticed this. That night I resigned the thought on registering a new PR and instead focused on finishing the race without aggrevating my injury.

Race day. I woke up and felt my foot and legs are okay. As much as I wanted to race, I know have to take it easy and push myself too much.

PSE Bull Run verdict? No comment…hehehe. I was ranting the whole week about the registration process. The long queue at the finished line did not helped either to make up for the bad registration. I was sprinting the last few meters but was forced to stop before the finish line. I would not bother getting my official time and just rely on my good old Nike Sportsband. I know for sure it would not be accurate as apparent to the long queue at the finish line.

So how did I fair in my despedida race? Quite good actually. Despite the injury, I was surprised to log 55:43 (according to Nike+ Sportsband) – my second fastest 10K time. Woohoo! The heel cups really worked!

Chris, me and Jay

Chris, me and Jay

Finish Line

Finish Line

with Dennis, Vener and Chris (photo c/o Dennis)

with Dennis, Vener and Chris

Breakfast with Gene, Jay, Gigi, Bobby, Ipe

Breakfast with Gene, Jay, Gigi, Bobby, Ipe

It was nice seeing my friends this morning before I leave this Saturday.

Thanks to Gigi and Dennis for some of the photos. 😀

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18 thoughts on “Despedida Race – PSE Bull Run 2009

  1. kulitrunner says:

    oh, so it is really plantar… hay, do finish your sessions with Dr. Camara, VR. He is really good. See you tomorrow at the ULTRA. 😉

    two more sessions – Wednesday and Friday. i have a date with the matadero instruments.

  2. jinoe says:

    Hindi pa despedida yan kung walang kainan. Safe trip this weekend.

    haha. this wednesday pero wala na kayo ni que.

  3. booby cross says:

    nagpaparehab ka na rin pala kay doc pogi? adik ka kasi eh wehehehe…
    kitakits mya…saka bukas hehehe…

    yep kelangan ng rehab sa sobrang ka-adikan.

  4. JunC says:

    Congrats Wilbert!! In spite of your injury, second fastest time pa din.Hope to see you before you fly out.

    thanks Jun. bat wala ka nung Sunday?

  5. dhenztm says:

    Wow congrats! Injured na 2nd best time pa. Pansin ko lang yang McDo na yan sa Fort nabubuhay na sa mga runners ah hehe 🙂

    Ganda ng shoes mo ah, parang Ferrari.

    Have a safe trip! Wala bang despedida with 🙂

    thanks dhenz. puro nga runners lang andun and i saw cathletic with her friends. nike shox arraw yung shoes ko. i really liked the red and black combo.

  6. cathydaza says:

    Wow, the heel cups worked nga! Addict ka kasi, take some rest muna. Anyway, I’m glad you enjoyed your last run before your flyfly drama. 😉 Take care!

    thanks to Tuli’s heel cups. hehe. i enjoyed the run but not the organization of the race. 😀

  7. nice seeing you at your despedida race. Even with injury, ang bilis mo pa rin! Ingats 🙂

    thanks Dennis. lahat tayo bumibilis na. hehe

  8. run unltd. says:

    Great take Wilbert. We didn’t make it at the breakfast, pagbalik mo na lang. Good luck on your US trip. Bon Voyage!

    salamats venerski. nice seeing you at nike clinic

  9. broj says:

    Congrats wilbert, may injury pa yan, hehehe! and God bless on your US trip! Nice seeing you at PSE race!

    bro j, adik lang talaga ako. hehehe. nice seeing you at Ultra.

  10. JaimieDy says:

    Ang galing mo naman! Ano pa kaya kung wala kang injury?ü Until then… Ingat Wilbert!

    uy jaimie. thanks for visiting my blog. 🙂

  11. Gene says:

    Hey bro, bilis mo na 🙂 Great hanging out with you guys after the race. Enjoy your trip to US! Uy pa-steal naman ng pics mo sa Mcdo 🙂

    thanks Gene. I think vener has some more photos. you can ask him for a copy.

  12. Wilbert, it was great seeing you again! Congrats sa time, inspite of the injury. Hope you get better fast. Didn’t your doctor advise you to refrain from running while under medication?

    Sayang I missed the despedida breakfast. Nagkita sana kami ni Gene.

    Enjoy your trip, Wilbert. We’ll gonna miss you.

    thanks Nora. the doctor did not mentioned anything about refraining from running which is good (although i will still run even if he mentioned it).

  13. bards says:

    55:43! kaya naman pala di ako makasabay sa yo. congrats!

    thanks bards. kaya mo iyan! 😉

  14. sundaywarrior says:

    Ei Wilbert pahinga muna so you can run the LA Marathon ha ha. Bon Voyage pala…

    yep. definitely i’ll get a week’s rest once i get there.

  15. I hope the heel cups helped…thanks for visiting Intercare…You can share it with your friends who does have problems like yours of any muskoloskeletal pain.

    yes, the heel cups helped. thanks also to intercare.

  16. hi there, are you done with your I Smart?

    i completed my sessions before i left for the US

  17. ah okay..would you have another one when you come back?

    yes. but that would probably next year. 😛

  18. ok then we’ll see you then..i think there is a run for a cause somewhere in luneta? are your colleagues joining? tell them about I Smart and im pretty sure they will like it..thanks..

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