Philippine International Marathon Cancelled?

I just heard the news last night that the Philippine International Marathon scheduled on March 8 will be moved to the last quarter of 2009. No official announcement yet on the organizers but I have a number of friends who are angry/frustrated/furious over this news. I know that they are really anticipating this race and have been training since last year.

With this development, looks like the longest distance race for the first half of 2009 is the 21K Condura Race.


3 thoughts on “Philippine International Marathon Cancelled?

  1. DATC says:

    Sayang ang miles!

    oo nga eh. yan din reaction ni Jun C. baka naman biglang magkaroon ng race to replace Phil. Int’l Marathon.

  2. wilson says:

    I’m sure that they have valid reasons for canceling(assuming that they would), but i really hope that the organizers would be more “professional” in things like these. it’s not like they’re canceling or moving a 10k or a 10 miler. would-be participants really prepare for a marathon for months. a race i think, was even moved just to give way to this event. and now all of that would seemingly go to waste.

    latest news is that they are rescheduling the event to November or December. but then again, i agree that the organizers should also think of those who prepared for this event.

  3. dhenztm says:

    I think I saw some tears flow along with sweat last night at the Nike Clinic when this news circulated 🙂

    yung iba ata namula sa galit. hehe

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