By The Bay

It was one of those impromptu runs that I found myself in SM Mall of Asia yesterday morning. Gigi the fit mommy and I were chatting through YM last Friday. Our conversation started with asking each other how are our runs for the week until she mentioned that she is planning to run in MOA. I immediately asked her if I could join her which she easily agreed since my only run this is week is the Nike Clinic session in Ultra last Tuesday.

After hitting the snooze button twice, I forced myself out of bed and left the house past 5 AM. The bus ride from our house (Novaliches, QC) to MOA took more than an hour. It was my first time to run in MOA and I was surprise to see a lot of bikers. It was MOA is to bikers as BHS is to runners.

The weather was good that morning – cool and breezy. Gigi and I started our run around 6:45 AM and planned on running from MOA to CCP and back. Along the way, we met fellow Happy Feet runners, Mon (who joined us around CCP) and the one and only Lonerunner.

San Miguel by the Bay

San Miguel by the Bay

CCP breakwater

CCP breakwater

Mon and Gigi trying out the CCP ramp

Mon and Gigi trying out the CCP ramp

the fit mommy and vballrunner

the fit mommy and vballrunner

It was a great run! Too bad it will take a long time before I can run in MOA again.

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3 thoughts on “By The Bay

  1. lonerunner says:

    Waaahh.. na miss ko, may picture taking pla. Sorry bro, pauwi na ako pupunta pa ako ng Hospital. C u sa PSE dispedida m run mo. 🙂

    di bale. sa PSE run mag picture taking tayo basta ba wag kang lang aalis agad. hehehe

  2. kinderdorf says:

    Congratulations for the great run with Fit Mommy! Had I known, I would have joined you. I had a 10k run yesterday at AAV and a run from MOA to Km 0 and back this morning. See you at the PSE Bull Run! And, keep on running.


    Isa ito sa mga biglang takbo. Kahit kaming dalawa lang we know we would bumped to people we knew.

  3. Sayang I could have joined you and G. MOA is only 15 minutes from our place. I wish there’s a way how runners can share their training schedules with the other runners.

    See you this Sunday Wilbert!

    Hi Nora. Biglaan lang talaga itong run namin ni G sa MOA but if you want to meet familiar faces the best places to run during weekends are MOA, BHS and UP. See you on Sunday!

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