Zero One Two Four Zero Nine

I had my interview at the US Embassy yesterday and my new visa got approved. I am finally leaving for Seattle on January 24, 2009. It is still a good date because I will be able to join the PSE Bull Run and a few more Nike Clinic sessions.


6 thoughts on “Zero One Two Four Zero Nine

  1. mickymac says:

    So, kelan ang farewell party? Inuman na to!

    schedule na lang tayo pero kkb ha. hehehe

  2. kulitrunner says:

    wuhuhu… tuloy na.. mag-antipolo na tayo ulit bago ka umalis! 😉

    ask natin si antipolo run organizer bobby. kaso may race next sunday.

  3. bobby says:

    antipolo run at inuman? baka ang laman ng hydropacks eh beer tapos suman at kalamay ni dolly ang pulutan wehehehe…

    hahaha. drinking and eating while on chika pace!

  4. lonerunner says:

    INUMAN? kelan? HAHAHAH

    tignan natin sked. for sure malalaman niyo agad kung kelan.

  5. kulitrunner says:

    ay honga! it’s either we ditch the Bull Run (whih I am sure nobody wants to) OR we ditch one day of office work for us to do one last antipolo run. hmp! hay!

    sabado? ikaw kasi pa-martyr sa office. pwede namang hindi pumasok ng sabado. hehehe

  6. lonerunner says:

    hahaha… mag SL k daw. bad yun kr. hahaha

    oo nga. mahirap kumita ng pera ngayon. sayang din yung pambayad ng reg fee. hehehe

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