Optic Nerve Sunglasses

Looking for new, functional, stylish but affordable eyewear for the new running year? You may want to try Optic Nerve sunglasses.

Optic Nerve is a US brand that has been in the sport sunglasses industry for nearly 25 years. Here in the Philippines, Optic Nerve is being distributed by my friend Titus Cruz.

falcon-rx1I bought the Falcon Rx model last October 2008 and used it several times in both running events and practice runs. Rx models have a prescription adapter for your corrective lens. Now I can have a clear vision (I have a 250/250 grade) without the hassle of putting on my contact lenses early in the morning. Falcon Rx is lightweight, fits snug, comfortable and secure and also has vents that help reduce fogging.

VSO Bahaginan and Antipolo Practice Run

VSO Bahaginan and Antipolo Practice Run

To get hold of your own pair, you can check out Five Forty Surf Shop in Katipunan (which carry more of the fashionable line sunglasses) or visit  www.nerveusa.com and www.pinoyrunners.com. Discussions are in progress with ROX to carry Optic Nerve. You can also contact Titus at 0917-8120308 for your orders.


3 thoughts on “Optic Nerve Sunglasses

  1. lonerunner says:

    Mura ba? sna di parang rudy proj or oakley presyo.

    yup. mura lang siya. way cheaper than rudy proj and oakley.

  2. Running Diva says:

    This is good news for me, Wil. I will check this out!


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