2009 Goals

After completing a half-marathon and a 25K last 2008, running a full marathon is definitely on top of my list for this year. I want to complete not just one but TWO marathons for 2009 – LA Marathon in Los Angeles, California on May 25 and the Clark International Marathon in Clark, Pampanga on December 5.


The long holiday break has given me opportunity to kick-off my marathon training and start compiling those much needed miles. I have already increased my mileage this week to 50kms and has been religiously logging them in dailymile. I will be following a 16 week training program from Runner’s World Smart Coach. I have also found 2 running routes in Seattle where I can continue my training once I get there.

The other race event that I am looking forward to is the Vancouver Marathon on May 3 which will be my pre-birthday run.  I am planning to run a half-marathon as pre-race prep for LA Marathon. But for now I will be seeing all of you on January 18 for PSE Bull Run 2009. 🙂

No volleyball and badminton goals for this year as I will me missing all the tournaments this year due to my US assignment.

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8 thoughts on “2009 Goals

  1. kulitrunner says:

    good luck ever!

    thanks KR! pero kelangan munang makalipad papuntang US..hehehe

  2. Cathy says:

    wow, sarap naman nyan! 🙂 best luck to you!

    thanks cathy!

  3. m8parco@yahoo.com says:

    Inggit kami! Good luck!

    sama kayo para mas masaya! 😀

  4. bobby says:

    L.A.? takbuhin ko nga yan bukas, kahapon tinakbo ko na ang sanfo, NY at chicago eh hehehe…

    goodluck parekoy!

    oo nga pala. dyan lang sa kapitbahay niyo ang LA.

  5. you lucky guy. ive done the VIM in the 80’s and visit the place at least once a year.
    Vancouver marathon all the way. one of the best route and scenery.
    awesome crowd. and the weather is around 10C. perfect. best of all its only about 2hrs drive from seattle.

    yep. its close proximity to Seattle is one of my considerations for Vancouver. Vancouver marathon all the way? we’ll see.

  6. Bro J says:

    God bless you on your US assignment. Keep on running!

    thanks bro j!

  7. Good luck Wilbert! I will be cheering for you (in spirit) when you do the LA Marathon.

    Take care. E-mail na lang kita kung anong pasalubong ang gusto ko para di ka na mag-isip hah hah . . .

    haha. thanks nora!

  8. digitaldash says:

    Happy New Year!
    Wow, good luck!
    I wish I can have the same dedication to running as you do.

    thanks! good luck to you as well. 🙂

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