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2009 is just days away and I know for sure some of us are already planning our training for the new year. If you have been keeping a journal to log your runs, here are two cool sites to monitor your runs online:

dailymile –>



Runner+ –>




You can log your runs using kilometers or miles. The advantage of Runner+ is if you are a Nike+ user. You can synch you Nike+ data to Runner+. However, dailymile will soon support not only Nike+ but Garmin as well.

Another advantage of dailymile is you can log not only your runs but other workouts as well – cycling, swimming, weight training. This is great news for tri-athletes.


You can comment on your friends’ workouts/runs on both site. Dailymile even allows you to send motivations to your friends. Both sites also have online forums but Runner+ has an active chat.

Other Features

Runner+: There are a lot of running articles that you can browse through.

dailymile: You can upload photos and videos. View upcoming events and even create your own events.


I’ll leave it up to you which site you would choose. In any case, don’t forget to add me up as a friend. 🙂


3 thoughts on “Online Journal

  1. ganns says:

    I’m definitely signing up with RunnerPlus as soon as I get my Nano.

    Thanks for the tip, Sir!

    np ganns. i know you are very excited with your upcoming nano.

  2. run unltd. says:

    Grabe, dami mo nang running log. Kahit saan ka mag LACBAY, di ka na maliligaw. Regards.

    ayos kasi yung Runner+ dahil naka-Nike+ ako. sana ma-support na rin ng dailymile yung Nike.

  3. Running Diva says:

    Been looking for some sites. Thank God, you’ve recommended this!

    np! add mo kapag naka-sign up ka na. 🙂

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