Another Delay?

My US assignment might be pushed back to a later date.

Not my fault but someone else’s stupidity.


Looking at the brightside, I might still join January races.


4 thoughts on “Another Delay?

  1. DATC says:

    When are you leaving? Good for you, there’ll be more opportunities to race here.

    the soonest will be end of January or early February if i will be required to get a new visa.

  2. kulitrunner says:

    yahoo! merry christmas and happy new year! makaka-antipolo pa tayo ulet ever! 😉

    hahaha. oo nga. another antipolo run. dapat KR ka na at hindi KJ. hehehe

  3. prometheuscometh says:

    God is telling you something…hahahaha! Merry Christmas and see you soon!

    yes, that i should do bull run and happy run. hahaha. Merry Christmas too!

  4. jinoe says:

    All things happen for a reason. Pwede pa kami mag-ipon para magpadala ng pera sa yo para sa mga wish list namin. 😀

    hahaha. sana lang hindi rin ma-ipon yung listahan niyo. baka sobrang haba na yan.

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