Volleyball Champs


The finals of the Volle 650 Season 5 ended last Saturday, December 13. I missed the finals of Season 4 as I was assigned in Virginia, US last year. However this year I was able to play the entire season before my US assignment.

Our team went up against PAGCOR, one of new and strong teams this year. It was a very close 1st set but Accenture edge out PAGCOR 32-20. We dominated the 2nd and 3rd set, 25-17 and 25-20 sealing our second Volle 650 Corporate Division championship trophy.

Accenture Volleyball Team - Corporate Division

Accenture Volleyball Team - Corporate Division

Pao, Palo, Wey, Jerzy, Wilbert, Angie, Ra, Anne, Kenz, Mark, Willie, Vic, Nald and She 

Congratulations team. I will really miss playing with you guys next season. See you all in AVL 2010 and Volle 650 Season 7.

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3 thoughts on “Volleyball Champs

  1. loonyrunner says:

    wow! congratulations to you and your team 😀

    thanks joe!

  2. Wayne says:

    Congratulations Wilbert. I was thinking about you as I was watching on tv this afternoon’s football game with the NY Jets and the Seattle Seahawks in Seattle. It was blizzard conditions. It’s not much better here. First of five days of rain is hitting SF.

    Take care and Happy Holidays!

    thanks Wayne. i heard that it has been snowing in Seattle for a couple of days now. hope the weather gets better once i get there.

  3. kulitrunner says:

    congratulations ever VR! 🙂

    thanks KR!

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