Zero One Zero One Zero Nine


So it’s final. I will be leaving on 01/01/09 for Seattle, Washington USA. While everybody is eagerly awaiting the coming of the new year, I will be busy making final checks on my luggage ensuring that I have packed everything I needed.

seattle-skyline-picture1You might be asking why I am leaving. Being in an IT company, our clients are from abroad and would sometimes require you to work “onshore”. My new client is based in Seattle and has requested me to work there until October 2009 (Yes, that long! My first assignment was just 4 months). Initially they planned me to be there before Christmas but because of some paperworks and clearances my working start date was moved to January 5. There were also no more flights for the weekend of Jan 2, 3 and 4 which left me no choice but to book the New Year flight.

For the meantime, I will enjoy my last race at UP ICTUS, do a practice run in Antipolo and attend the remaining sessions of the Nike Clinic.

PS. Since I am already in the US, I will be doing my first full marathon probably in LA Marathon. Winter training trips would very much be appreciated. 🙂

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18 thoughts on “Zero One Zero One Zero Nine

  1. prometheuscometh says:

    Wow we will miss you! At least we will have a place to stay if we ever decide to visit Seattle to race! Ha ha…

    Just let me know if anyone of you will be visiting Seattle or Vancouver. Bukas ang pinto ng aking apartment 😉

  2. bugobugo says:

    yeah, a place to stay in seattle.hehehe.congratulations on a nice run today.what can i say?we will miss you bro.and good luck in your 1st full!

    just let me know. 🙂 I will definitely miss everyone.

  3. Gigi says:

    😦 Nalungkot naman ako… I wasn’t able to run in UP this morning – Sky kept me up half of the night… There’s a half-marathon and full in Vegas on March 7, 2008 that I’m still thiking of joining… Check mo yung and check for the red canyon race. Puro uphill daw sabi ng Ate ko… Tignan ko if I can join it or kita tayo sa Disneyland! 😀 Will email our itnerary if we can meet up there.

    nakakalungkot nga eh. kung kelan ko pa naman na e-enjoy yung company niyo saka ako aalis. email mo lang ako. hindi pa ako nakakapunta ng Disneyland. 🙂

  4. lonerunner says:

    bro, we will miss u! keep running.

    pakita ka naman LR bago ako umalis. 😛

  5. Let Guieb says:

    will, sorry ngayon ko lang nabasa post mo about sa pag alis mo, sayang nagkita pa man din tayo kanina sa ICTUS (maaga kami umalis sa UP kasi attend pa kami ng sunday service sa church atsaka renegade kasi kami kanina, hehehe). buti na lang nakapag cheer pa ako para sa iyo sa last race mo dito sa pinas for the year.

    mamimiss ka namin. at sigurado habang nasa US ka, magpo-post ka pa din ng running experience mo dun, mag intay na lang kami ng bago mong post. ingatz and God bless. have a safe trip. 🙂

    thanks. it was nice seeing you and erick kanina. i will definitely post my running experience especially now that i am eyeing my first full in the US.

  6. run unltd. says:

    As we talked earlier, don’t be afraid to run alienated. Friends are everywhere, and new of them are on the way. Good luck on your endeavors and keep on running. You’re way ahead, bro! Happy holidays.

    thanks Vener. just let me know if anyone of you has plans of going to the US.

  7. bards says:

    im already looking forward to hear about your runs and races sa US. good luck sa new job! new year new job and new running routes. how exciting!

    thanks bards. i will still be working for the same company but with a new client. 🙂

  8. m8parco says:

    Winter Training tips, hmmmm ah I know, KEEP WARM. Hehehehe

    Layer your clothes and I would run in loops so you won’t be too far from shelter since the weather can change drastically in the US.

    When it is too cold start slowly. don’t rush it. You can speed up as you warm up.

    Since you are not used to the cold, check and see if you can find an indoor track nearby and do your speedwork indoors where it is warmer.

    Visit Nike’s HQ and watch the Track meets at University of Oregon and get the autograph of Alberto Salazar.

    You can do the Vancouver Marathon in early May.

    We will miss your Kills and spikes at the finish line.

    Regards Mark & Tiffin

    thanks Mark for the tips. i’ll add to my list of must see places Nike’s HQ and consider Vancouver. kuha muna ako ng canadian visa.

  9. marga says:

    honga kita kits before you leave! kailangan makasama ka pa rin sa tigbakan galore

    yep. kita kits tayo. i’ll definitely miss the kulit gang.

  10. kulitrunner says:

    wil! ayan na-announce mo na pal… puede na ako mag-waaaaaahhhhhhhhhhhhh! true na ito todo… see you tuesday and then looking fwd to running with you in antipolo… hmmm… sa tuesday ko na lang bibigay ang list ha – yun kaya maghintay up to oct. hehe!

    anong list yan? hindi naman listahan ng utang yan di ba?

  11. sfrunner says:

    Hi Wilbert. Wow!! Seattle is a nice city visiting there about a half dozen times. Food is good and there are places to run. A couple of times, I ran at the University Of Washington campus area.

    The weather can at times be wet and can be cold (it’s cold in SF right now at 7C). But it has some nice days as well. Around summer time, the days are longer with the sun going down after 9pm.

    Good luck with the new clients. I’ll likely see you in LA in May!

    thanks Wayne. i’ll check out University of Washington.

  12. bro J says:

    We will miss you Wilbert! May God bless you and protect you! Keep on running bro!

    thanks bro j.

  13. dhenztm says:

    Well miss you Wilbert! Aabot ka pa naman ata sa New Year’s eve celebration pagdating mo dahil sa timezone difference (?). Good luck na lang, God bless.

    Itakbo mo na lang kami dyan 🙂

    thanks Dhenz. twice ako ma-celebrate ang new year’s day.

  14. take it easy and have a great time in the states. join all the races you can. seattle is a great place to run. cold and rainy.

    i’m looking forward running in seattle and excited for my new running gear.

  15. bobby says:

    well, atleast pinag celebrate ka pa nila ng holidays with your family. pero mukhang mage-enjoy ka naman dun, kada kanto yata eh may kapihan eh hehehe…see you sa nike training…

    kr, takbo kayo ng antipolo sa sunday? pabili ng suman wahahaha…

    yep. i’m thankful that i am celebrating christmas and new year here. alam ko seattle ang birthplace ng starbucks.

  16. Tolits says:

    hooy wilbert, paalis ka na pala…sige ingat ka dun..tama si Bobby bawat kanto dun may kapihan kaya enjoy ka na lang. pa-pa-DHL na lang ako ng suman sa yo dun!

    More power to you and your running career bro!

    thanks tolits. email ko na lang address ko para matanggap ko yang suman. hehehe

  17. take care Wilbert! keep on blogging and keep on running. I’m sure you will meet new friends there and get new experiences as well.

    thanks dennis.

  18. cathydaza says:

    What a way to celebrate new year! Anyway, take care and enjoy your looong US exile. Glad to have met you in the clinic and races! 🙂

    And whoa!, LA Marathon?! Que suerte mi amigo!

    thanks cathy. doing a marathon in the US will definitely keep me training and running.

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