Before and After

Now it’s my turn to post my before and after pics. 


Photo was taken last February 2008, during my last few days working at a client site in Virginia, US. Not having much physical activities, my weight peaked at around 84 kg.

Prior to going to the US, I religiously go to the gym and regularly play volleyball. When I got back to Manila middle of February, I decided to try other means of losing weight. I joined the Condura Race last March 2008, became a member of Happy Feet and was joining almost all the weekend races.

The result – I now weigh around 75 kg and always get the “ang payat mo na ngayon” comment from my friends and officemates. What I tell them back is to try running. 🙂


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2 thoughts on “Before and After

  1. Welcome to the club of the “former obesity club”. I think at 1 point we were all fat but because of running we now look like scare crows.
    The thing is we run because we enjoy it not because we want to lose weight. Losing weight is only secondary. Congratulations !!!and keep it off.

    Thanks Pat. That’s a good name for the club. 🙂 At first I wanted to run to lose weight but now I run because I enjoy it.

  2. the meek runner says:

    Congrats! What an impressive achievement! Happy running!


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