Back to Back – Part 2

Sunday, Dec 7

Running 10 Miles

After a very exhausting Saturday, I was up again after 3 hours of sleep. It was almost 4am and I was running late so I took a quick shower put on my new white Adidas shirt (which I got on sale), new balance shorts, Adidas cap and my ever trusty Nike shoes. I did not bother to put on my contact lens since I know it will be struggle just to open my eyes.

I arrived at CCP complex a few minutes before start of the race. Vener and Jonel were the first two regulars that I saw. I also saw Baby, Bro J’s other half and told me that her hubby was already in the 16K area. I hurriedly left my bag at the baggage area and proceeded to the starting line. I immediately saw fellow Happy Feet Lito, Abby, Zinnia and Raymond. We were in the middle of saying hi’s and hello’s when we heard the starting gun.

The first 4 km was really a struggle. I calves were so tight. I was running slower than my usual as other runners were passing by me. I figured I’ll just finish this and treat this as my LSD for the week.

I found my rhythm after the turnaround at Airport Road and was feeling comfortable running at a much faster pace. Soon I was overtaking a lot of runners and found myself at the middle of the pack. I saw Vener again as I pass by CCP. He was not racing but was giving support to Cristy.

On the last few kilometers, I saw a familiar female runner (I was not wearing any contacts) and it turned out to be Gigi the Fitmommy. I said hi to her and overtook her. Just as I thought that I was going fast enough, two guys by the name of Jay and Joe overtook me and did a sprint to the finish. Not to be out done, I sprinted and finished with a time of 1:37:13.  I just completed my first back to back races.

Finishing strong (photo c/o Vimz)

Finishing strong (photo c/o Vimz)



with Jay-Em, Gigi, Vimz

with Jay-Em, Gigi, Vimz



Happy Feet

Happy Feet (thanks Pat for the key chain!) model ;) model 😉


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5 thoughts on “Back to Back – Part 2

  1. run unltd. says:

    Good to see you again Wilbert. How was it getting busy athletically? Hinay hinay lang ha, there’s always be a next. Congratulations.

    Kapagod. I wanted to race Yakult pero hindi na kaya but still I am happy with my time.

  2. runningshield says:

    Great run fantastic back to back. nice way to end the year in races. and your very welcome . take it easy.

    Thanks Pat. Good to see you again after a long time.

  3. KR says:

    yess! angaleng may wardrobe report. solid!!! 😉

    aba syempre. bago yung mga Adidas wardrobe. hehehe

  4. bro J says:

    pumirma na ba ng contract for endorsement yun model ng Great race, congrats! Nice to see you at ULTRA last night.

    wala pa nga eh. nire-review pa ng manager ko yung contract. hehehe.

  5. bobby says:

    isa kang halimaw VR! liquid!;-) wardrobe report? teka…akala ko tuloy ibang blog ang nabuksan ko hehehe…buti na lang walang kalabaw wahaha…sana na gets niyo 😉

    hahaha. sabi ko na nga ba yan ang magiging reaction niyo.

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