Back to Back – Part 1

Saturday, Dec 6

Running 12K

After weeks of preparation, we were able to stagged the second Accenture Fund Run exclusively for Accenture employees at McKinley hill. This fun run was sponsored by the Wellness Club (which I became an instant member) and is a fund raising activity for the benefit of the company’s custodians.


The race started late, around 7am I guess but good thing  it was overcast and was relatively cooler. After warm-up/stretching exercises, the 12K runners were sent-off followed by 6K then 3K. The route was this 1.5 loop starting at the Accenture office, around the open field at the back of Chinese International School.

Not being baised but I have to say we have done a pretty good job in organizing this event. What I liked about this race is that there were less plastic cups on the road. Garbage chutes were stratigically placed a few meters after the water station so by the time you are done sipping your water you can throw your cups on the chute.

The surprise of the day was me placing 3rd in the male category for 12K. My legs are still sore from the Nike Clinic and I did not get enough sleep due to race preps but I still got a decent unofficial time of 1 hour and  8 minutes. Congratulations also to Quennie (ChicksNiManok) for placing second in the female category for 12K.

12K winners

12K winners


Smashing the shuttleimg_4408

So after the fund run, I went straight to Yonex Badminton Center in Shaw Blvd., Mandaluyong for the 5th Accenture Badminton Tournament. Since the fund run started late, I arrived late and defaulted our first game.

I rested for a while, ate a banana and drank my sportsdrink while waiting for our next game. My partner and I just enjoyed our next 2 games and ended up winning them in straight sets. But our efforts were not enough for a semifinals slot. Sayang talaga yung first game, oh well there will be next time.



Singing Yuletide Songs

After our last badminton game, I hit the showers, got dressed and proceeded to Cybergate office to meet with my choirmates.

My choir – Fishers of Men sings twice a month at Greenbelt chapel and has been singing Christmas carols for the last 4 years to raise funds for charity. This year’s benenficiaries are the Philippine Band of Mercy and Maiarayon Foundation.

Last Saturday was our first day of caroling and we visited houses in Las Pinas and Ayala Alabang. I was in the US last year so I was very much excited to do this again. It was an afternoon/evening of singing, fun, laughter and of course food! I departed from the last house really really exhausted and arrived around 1 a.m. leaving me just a few hours of sleep for the next day’s Yakult 10 miler run.

PS. I also have a volleyball semis game but skipped it to attend the 1st day of caroling. I failed to accomplish my first “tri”…hehehe

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8 thoughts on “Back to Back – Part 1

  1. prometheuscometh says:

    whoa! sarap talaga pag bata pa! christmas season na ha … so ingat sa overexertion and over partying! congrats on a good run!

    feeling bata! hahaha… thanks jay 🙂

  2. sfrunner says:

    Hi Wilbert. Back to back! Impressive. And you mentioned to me you weren’t hardcore? You’re definitely hardcore. I take it the volleyball team is in the championship game. Good luck the remainder of 2008!

    haha. try to be one. and yes, next week is the volleyball championship game. i will definitely not miss this one.

  3. bobby says:

    podium finish, nakanaman! congrats wil, hmmm…sino kaya yung 1st & 2nd? (wink,wink) wahahaha…congrats din sa chicknimanok na si quennie hehehe…

    thanks bob. sabi nila luto daw kasi isa ako sa mga organizers. hahaha

  4. DATC says:

    Back to back to back to back pala yung weekend mo. Hardcore ka na talaga! Congratulations, a podium finish is a podium finish, regardless if you were one of the organizers. Wala ka naman headstart diba?

    thanks Dindo. actually back x5 yan. wala pa yung part 2. hehehe. hmmm… alam ko wala naman akong headstart…hehehe.

  5. idol idol idol ! haha

    hahaha. nice seeing you and Per yesterday.

  6. kulitrunner says:

    super hardcore ka na VR… todo na ito! 😉

    hindi naman KR. alam mo naman i am making the most of the remaining days. mukhang tuloy na sa Dec. 14. before Friday ko ma-confirm. 😉

  7. Running Diva says:

    Wil, good for you your body can stand those activities. For awhile I did just like that. After 10k, badminton with RJ and Rich before but eventually, I got so tired. Then, there was our singing, not only with FOM but also with TransChorale then. It was like giving 300%.

    Anyway, congratulations! Am so damn proud that you’re hooked to running. I knew you could do it the first time I invited you to join the running group. The rest you did on your own.

    Congrats to Que! Podium finish din pala kayo! 😉

    thanks Roselle. congratulations din sa podium finish ninyo sa Runnex. 🙂

  8. JunC says:

    Congratulations Wilbert!! ibang klase ka talaga! walang kapaguran. Ako yata ang napagod sa recap mo ah.. hehehe. See you at Ultra. Where are you going on Dec.14?

    thanks Jun. how was Singapore? hindi pa sure yung Dec 14. i-blog ko lang kung matuloy. see you at ultra.

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