The Hills Are Alive

No. This entry is not about Julie Andrews or the Sound of Music.

It was the usual Sunday where you wake up early and put on your running gear. But this time, instead of heading to Fort Bonifacio I found myself going east to Brookside in Cainta.

Today I attacked the hills of Antipolo again together with my Happy Feet friends – Gigi thefitmommy, Bobby, Lito, Sir Ipe, Roselle and Sensei John. It was another chance for me to breakaway from the usual road races in the metro and accomplish my Nike Clinic assignment for the week.  

We ran about 7 kms from Brookside Cainta to Hinulugan Taktak. With the weather cooperating, the group decided to run another 1 – 2 kms more to Antipolo Church. At the Antipolo Church, we had our usual chat over suman sa Ibus and even discussed about wearing Santa hat and reindeer antlers to match our red and green Yakult singlet. 😛

It was another great and enjoyable run. Sa susunod uli!

I’ll make this post short and let the pictures do more of the talking. (thanks to fitmommy for the pictures)

stretching before the big climb

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6 thoughts on “The Hills Are Alive

  1. bobby says:

    ok lang short post, long run naman eh hehehe…

  2. Jinoe says:

    Ayos. Prior commitments didnt allow me to join this one. May sunod pa ito di ba?

    Que and I had a long run today to practice for th Accenture Run. We tried the route pero baliktad pala yung way namin. But anyway, I think Quennie is ready for her first official 12K. And a good contender na rin. Hehehe…

    Mauulit ito for sure. Sama kayo next time.

  3. zimm says:

    Missed this pare! Sa dami ng nami-miss ko na run… ako na ngayon si Running Misser. Better, running MRS! Bwehehe! Keep it up Bro! I have just added you pala in my personal blog roll.

    hehehe. sama ka next time zimm.

  4. Bro J says:

    Great run pare! Attacking the hills! Sana makasami rin ako. Nice to see you again at ULTRA last night. See you at the races!

    thanks bro j. nice seeing you at ULTRA.

  5. marga says:

    ang astig tignan ni gigi parang adventure racer! hehe

    naku, baka next time sasama na sa inyo si gigi sa pinatubo. malapit ng maging ultramarathoner si fitmommy. 🙂

  6. Gigi says:

    At vaket ko naman kasi nabasa ito 🙂 Dami pang kakainin na bigas for an ultramarathon! 😀

    ikaw pa. baka next pinatubo eh kasama ka na nila marga at mikey. 😉

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