Featured Runner of the Week Is…

Our company will be holding a 3K/6K/12K Fun Run-Fund Raising activity on December 6, 2008 at McKinley Hill. I haven’t decided yet on which races to participate this December so I signed up for the 12K run.

As part of the marketing campaign of our company’s FUNd Run to entice more employees to participate, a runner is randomly pick from the sign-up list to be featured on the weekly office digest. A female runner was featured last week and the organizing group wanted a male runner this week. After coming back from training, I got the email that I was the lucky guy. I was asked to share my personal story on running and to give my best running photos. The office digest came out this afternoon and has the link to featured runner of the week page.


photo by PhotoVendo @ VSO run

“I got into running only last March 2008. I gained weight after my onshore stint and wanted to try other ways of losing weight aside from going to the gym. I started running 5K distance at first and I very much enjoyed it. Soon, I was joining every races whether in UP, the Fort or Alabang and I started blogging my running experiences. I recently completed my longest run – a 25K distance via the New Balance Power Race in Clark and I am looking forward in completing my first full marathon next year. Joining the Accenture FUNd Run for the second time is an opportunity for me to do what I love and to share my running experiences with Accenture co-workers.”


5 thoughts on “Featured Runner of the Week Is…

  1. prometheuscometh says:

    Great profile! Am sure a lot of your colleagues in the office will be inspired when they see you in action!

    thanks Jay. I certainly hope so. I know that there is a plan to form a running group in the office 🙂

  2. sfrunner says:

    Hi Wilbert. Congratulations my friend. Hopefully this is a step with your colleagues. Corporate running became a big thing in the U.S. during the 1980s with a marketing item like what happened with you.

    Also, good luck in the volleyball playoffs.

    Thanks Wayne! Our volleyball team will be playing in the semis next week.

  3. kinderdorf says:

    Congratulations for being “the chosen one”! Certainly a well deserved tribute to a committed runner. I am sure that your profile will inspire your colleagues to take up running or other sports.

    Thanks Sir Ipe. See you tomorrow for our Antipolo practice run.

  4. kingofpots says:

    wilbert, i heard that this run is exclusively for the accenture employees. i know you will win in this race as i saw you doing those speed runs with the NIKE running clinic. however, watch out for “ilo” who had two weeks of speed training with Team Bald Runner, he might be your nearest competitor for the “podium”. In his testimony to his training mates, he was able to improve his time by 9 minutes in the 10K distance after only two speed sessions with Coach Salazar. Anyway, wish you good luck for the race & keep on running faster!

    Thanks for stopping by Sir Jovie. Yes the run is exclusive for Accenture employees. Win or not what matters is I was able to help in raising funds for this cause.

  5. kulitrunner says:

    yes! ito na yun talaga!. congrats wilbert!!! TODO! 😉

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