I was on a mission when I woke up this morning. The route for 10K is almost the same as the Nike Human Race – McKinley Hills and Heritage Park and I am definitely aiming for a big improvement. For this run I was able to improve my Nike Human Race time by more than 10 minutes. Official time is 55:18 which incidentally is also 1 minute faster than my 10K PR. Race Results are available in this link.

As with the recent Rio races, the UNICEF run is also one of the well-organized runs of the year. Ample water (no Rush this time), visible route and kilometer markers and freebies after the race – PhotoVendo, Starbucks (free coffee woohoo!). Congrats Coach Rio and UNICEF. The kids also get to play at the inflatable playground set up on the open field.

I ended the morning by having breakfast at McDonald’s with fellow Happy Feet runners. Thanks Sir Mon for the breakfast and again Happy Birthday.

Snapshots from this event:

for the kids

for the kids

Mayen, Joy, Zinnia, me, Ipe, Lito, Mikey

Mayen, Joy, Zinnia, me, Ipe, Lito, Mikey

Star Wars gang

Star Wars gang

Philip and family

Philip and family

breakfast at McDonald's c/o Mon

breakfast at McDonald

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9 thoughts on “UNICEF Run

  1. foreignrunner says:

    Wilbert, thanks for the great picture brother. It was great seeing you again. Congrats on the new PR!!! Keep it up and we are waiting for you sub 50.

    No problem Philip. It was nice meeting your family.

  2. Bobby says:

    congrats wilbert on your pr, iba ka na talaga. pabilis ng pabilis ng pabilis ng pabilis…..gets mo na? gets ko na hehehehehe….

    thanks bob. coke ko to! hahaha

  3. prometheuscometh says:

    Iba ka na talaga a! Congratulations on the PR! Again!

    thanks Jay! Nakita ko pala kayo nina Joe at Lester sa McKinley Road before the race.

  4. kulitrunner says:

    todo todo na talaga ito. missed socializing with you guys plus the regular photo-ops. was busy having fun with family din kasi. 😉

    todo todo na talaga! hahaha. next time na kulitan. di bale my nike clinic naman. hehehe

  5. sfrunner says:

    Hi Wilbert. Congratulations on the 10K PR and, yes, you’re on a mission! A sub-50 is right around the corner. Take it one minute at a time though. Please take care.

    thanks Wayne!

  6. levyang says:

    Hi Wilbert. Thank you very much for your kind words at my blogsite and for cheering. Congrats on your 10K PR! 🙂

    thanks Levy. galing ng costume niyo, spider family. 🙂

  7. highaltitude says:

    man, i should’ve join this race…
    congratulation on your PR!!!

    thanks! looks like you also had a good run at Animo.

  8. Bro J says:

    Hi Wilbert, Congrats on the new PR! Di ko talaga makaya power mo! See you soon!

    thanks broj! see you soon.

  9. run unltd. says:

    Sub 50, sub 50! I know its coming. Congrats on the run. See you at Milo.

    thanls vener! i’m looking forward to a sub-50 as well.

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