A Weekend To Remember – NB Power Race and more

15K VSO run and a 5K treadmill run. How am I going to complete a 25K run with just this training?

My journey towards conquering my first 25K run started Saturday afternoon. I arrived at our meeting place – Shell McKinley-EDSA at around 3PM. Mon, Bobby and Sensei John were already there and just waiting for Sir Ipe to arrive. We will be staying overnight at Tanya’s house in Tarlac which is just some 20-30 mintues away from Clark. A few minutes later Gene and Wayne arrived and I learned that they will be going with us and have dinner at Tanya’s house. It was a fun sight to see everybody in Tanya’s house – Doc Gigi, Mon, Bobby, Sir Ipe, Sensei John, Que, Jinoe, Roselle, Gene and Wayne. We were treated with native dishes – bringhe, caldereta, stuffed frogs, fried hito, ensalada with calamay for dessert. We had the usual chikahan over a cup (cups?) of coffee before calling it a night around 11PM.


The following morning, everybody was up early and we were off to Clark by 4:30AM. We arrived that the race site past 5AM and got our RFID chip. The race started late. Entering the starting pen, I saw familiar faces – Jay, JunC, Jaymie, Jonel, Joe, Philip, Bards (finally!), Vener, Mark and Dindo. I told Dindo that I would try to pace with him even though I know that he would be pacing a 6:00 mins/kms with Jaymie and JunC. Bahala na si Batman!
Running with a buddy/group definitely gives you a morale boost. Dindo, me and Jinoe were running most of the entire race together. We were just behind Jaymie and JunC on the first half of the race. Mark P and Joe stayed with us on the first few kilometers. At the 16K, Dindo decided to take a break. It was me and Jinoe running the next kilometer but this time I already am feeling a bit tired. I was running 2 kilometers all by myself and would did 2 short walk breaks. I even tried to pace with Charles (schlagger returns) but I was too tired keep up with him. It was at this point that I thought of quitting – the body is still willing but the mind is weak. Dindo eventually caught up with me and we continued to pace each other. He gave me a GU when I told him I feeling a bit dizzy. We managed to survive the uphills of the ruins and began a much faster pace on the last 4 kms. With less than 3 kms, Dindo told me he needed a break. I pushed myself on the remaining kilometers and was greatful for the cheers and encouragements from Ben and then from Jonel. I increased my pace and forgot about the pains as I saw the red inflatable Start/Finish mark I finished with my first 25K and longest run with a time of 2:42.

me and dindo. see coach rio's hair at the back (photo c/o junc)

me and dindo. see coach rio's hair

I am very much satisfied with my time as my 15K split was 3 minutes faster than my VSO time and my 21K split was way much faster than my 2:33 in Adidas KOTR. Salamat uli Dindo for pacing and pushing me and for the GU. Thanks also to Jinoe and to Jaymie and JunC for the 6:00 pace.

After the race, I get to chat with the Happy Feet group and other runners and of course do the usual photo-ops (more photos at my mutiply site – http://ibetlacbay.multiply.com). I had a chance to meet Johnny Sy (at the start of the race), Jerry (high altitude), Ibanrunner and Annie who won her age category. I also also lined up for the photo booth for post race photo-op. I really liked my photo souvenir and I plan to put it in my office cube together with my finishers medal. 😛 New Balance Power Race is definitely one of the best races for 2008!

Dindo, Vener, RJ, Jay, me, Jun, Jaymie

Dindo, Vener, RJ, Jay, me, Jun, Jaymie

Happy Feet!

Happy Feet!

souvenir photo

souvenir photo

While Gene, Wayne and I were heading back to Manila, I got a call from our volleyball team captain. He asked my if I could make it to our 3:15PM game to avoid a possible default. Since this is our last game for the elimination round and we don’t want to lose the top spot, I agreed but told him not to expect too much coz I’m still tired and haven’t recovered yet. During the warm-up, I was surprise to hit most of the sets and told my captain – “kaya ko pa. pwede pa akong pamalo”. In the end, I played for 2 sets, made 4 kills and we won the game.

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18 thoughts on “A Weekend To Remember – NB Power Race and more

  1. bobby says:

    anak ng…nag volleyball ka pa? hehehe…it was a nice and enjoyable weekend for all of us.

    adik eh! hehehe. sobrang enjoy na weekend.

  2. Gigi says:

    Sinabi mo pa Bobby! Anak ng… Addict talaga! Hahahaha… Congratulations for a GREAT SUNDAY! 🙂

    hahaha…salamat Gigi. See you Sunday at UNICEF!

  3. bards says:

    ey wilbert, good to meet you. after how many races nga yun? 😛 okay din naman ang active recovery natin ah … alam ba ng other team na partida pa you just finished a 25k race? haha

    hindi ko na rin matandaan kung ilan…hehe. adik talaga. yep partida pa nga kung hindi mas marami sa 4 kills ang nagawa ko 😉

  4. prometheuscometh says:

    Congratulations on your first 25k run + volleyball! Isa pang sport parang triathlon na rin!

    salamat Jay! try kong isama ang badminton next time para tatlo na. hahaha

  5. DATC says:

    See? Ibang level ka talaga – nag volleyball pa! Thanks for the company – I couldn’t have finished with that time if I was just running alone. Congratulations!

    No problem. Sa uulitan ha. kakayanin na natin ang 6min pace until the end.

  6. broj says:

    Congrats wilbert, wow! grabe energy mo, nakalaro ka pa ng volleyball! Great photos! Talagang great weekend race for all! See you around!

    thanks broj! hindi ko rin alam kung bakit ganun kataas yung energy ko that weekend. see you at UNICEF.

  7. run unltd. says:

    Congratulations Wilbert, good run. Great athletes never back-off. Nice running with you and co.

    thanks Vener! nice running with you pero ang bilis niyo talaga…hehe

  8. JunC says:

    Wow!! Congratulations Wilbert! Ibang klase ka. After hitting the road, eh hitting the vball naman with a kill.

    thanks Jun and to your wife for the photos. double kill ako last weekend.

  9. jinoe says:

    Whatda!!! VBall-Runner ka talaga. Two wins for the day. Congrats.

    thanks mr. manok. living up to the name ba? hahaha. next time masasabayan na kita until the finish.

  10. kulitrunner says:

    TODO! IDOL talaga!!! 😉

    hindi naman masyado…hahaha. thanks KR!

  11. kinderdorf says:

    Congratulations! Your energy and stamina is amazing! Playing volleyball after a gruelling 25k is no joke. Perhaps the carbo, protein and cholesterol loading at Villa de Lara the night before gave you the energy.

    BTW, many thanks for visiting my blog and for the kind comments!

    thanks Sir Ipe and again welcome to the blogging community!

  12. Johnny Sy says:

    Hi Wilbert — congratulations on your first 25K and it was great meeting up with you before the start of the race. Your hat is interesting — akala ko you had the same afro hair style as Coach Rio!!! Hope to catch you again in another race!!

    hmm…mukhang bagay naman ata sa akin ang afro. hehehe. nice meeting you last sunday

  13. lonerunner says:

    Galeeng! Tindi! Clap! Clap!

    thanks ismeet! takbo ka sa UNICEF!

  14. highaltitude says:

    seems you had a party before the race…
    yep, it was great to meet you personally… see you again next race!

    see you at the next race!

  15. sfrunner says:

    Wilbert, sorry about the late blog entry but you’re amazing. A 25K run and then volleyball. I would have had trouble getting out of the car after the distance you guys ran. Congrats again and I’ll see you next race (2009 somwhere…)

    thanks wayne! see you next year!

  16. mickymac says:

    Wala ko sa mga pictures! Alangya!

    Congrats Wilbert! I guess 42k is going to be easy for you!

    See you at the races!

    thanks mikey. oo nga no wala ka. di bale panalo ka naman sa pics ni KR. kulang pa training for 42K pero hopefully next year hindi na ako marathon virgin…hehehe. goodluck pala sa pinatubo run.

  17. foreignrunner says:

    Congrats and it seems you are getting faster and faster, I need to train extra hard from now on as I have competition… Great to have seen you and see you at the next races. Keep fit and God bless

    thanks Philip. hindi pa ako kasing bilis mo so no need to worry…hehe. see at the next races

  18. Gene says:

    Grabe, lupet mo man! Hey, I had great time talking to you and Wayne both going to and going back. Kita-kits next race!

    salamat din sa paghatid. see you sa next races.

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