First 15K Race

This race was a preparation for next week’s NB Power Race 25K run. I have already done a couple of long runs but haven’t run 15K in a race.

As usual, I woke up early around 3:30am (I live in Novaliches QC) and arrived at the Fort at 5am. As I was pinning my race bib, I saw Jinoe and he told me that Wayne was already making his warm up run. Wayne appeared after a few minutes and we chatted and had the first photo op of the race.

At the starting line, I got to see familiar faces – Jay, JunC, Doray, Mark, Tiffin, Jaymie (thanks for helping me with the Nike Training registration!), Joe, Mikey, Abby, Dindo, Jonel, Sir Ipe, Mon with the rest of Happy Feet, and to everybody’s surprise Nora. After several races, I finally got to meet Nora. She was taking photos with everybody and was very much happy to finally meet everyone.

The race started late(?). It was posted in that the race will start at 5:30am but the starting gun was fired around 6am. The route was already a familiar one – Lawton/Bayani/Heritage/McKinley Hill then back. This is the first time that I ran a race without my iPod and Nike+ sportsband so I wasn’t able to keep track of my pace and time. I guess I just wanted to enjoy my first 15K and not worry about anything else. Also, I didn’t use my Nike Shox Arraw shoes but instead used my NB 835. My Valley Golf/Antipolo practice run last week paid off as I managed to survive the uphills of Bayani Road and McKinley Hill.

On the last kilometer, I saw Mark who was telling everybody to avoid the trees and to move to the middle lane. I moved to the middle lane and true enough saw there were a lot of “higad” dangling from the trees.  I increased my pace on the last few meters and crossed the finished line but was not able to see what my time was. I’ll just have to wait until the official results are posted but I think I had a good time. I also saw Gigi the fitmommy taking my picture as I crossed the finish line.

After the run, Jonel aka bugobugo invited me for a 2nd servings. I wasn’t able to join him as I need to get my things from MJ’s car. He was already gone by the time I got my stuff. Maybe next time. I did my 2nd servings with Mikey, Abby and her two other friends (sorry I forgot your names) instead. We did a couple of rounds around BHS then I proceeded to Chowking to meet Wayne and the rest of Happy Feet.

Update: I finished with a time of 1:33:24. Results have been posted at


Jinoe, Vener, Swthrt, Bro J, Wayne, me, Que


Jay and JunC (doing their warm up) and Vener


Happy Feet with Wayne


crossing the finish (photo taken by fitmommy)


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17 thoughts on “First 15K Race

  1. prometheuscometh says:

    Congrats on your first 15K! Pareho tayong first dito! See you sa NB!

    thanks Jay. Another first uli ang NB. kita-kits!

  2. run unltd. says:

    Congratulations, Ibet. How was it to conquer a 15K? 25K is next. Its great to see you again this morning. Good luck and see you at NB?

    BTW, surprisingly PC also ran his inaugural 15K after running a full and a half…?

    Ready na ako for my first 25K (i think..hehe). Yes, like PC I ran 15K after running 21K. Full marathon would have to wait.

  3. Bobby says:

    congrats wil, sayang, i wasn’t able to run my first 15k, kaya, 15k virgin pa ako hehehe. hopefully, i could join you guys in clark for NB.

    salamat Bobby. takbo ka sa Clark. mag-stay kami kila Tans. kelan daw next Valley Golf/Antipolo practice? daming nagtatanong kanina..hehe

  4. bards says:

    congrats! I saw the higad kanina sa BHS. Ang dami nila!

    Hope to see you guys sa Clark.

    thanks bards! ingat sa higad sa BHS. sana ma-meet na kita sa Clark

  5. Let says:

    congrats sir will on your first 15K, handang handa ka na para sa NB Power Race. kitakits this sunday, miss ko na ang mga happy feet peeps. 🙂

    wala ng atrasan ito. kitakits tayo sa sunday! 🙂

  6. Bobby says:

    saturday ba ang alis nyo? sana malibre ako para makasama or may umalis ng sunday. let me know lang kung kailan niyo gusto mag practice run sa antipolo.

    saturday alis namin. nag-offer si Tanya na sa kanila mag stay. after Unicef pde tayo mag practice run sa antipolo.

  7. lonerunner says:

    Nsa CHOWKING LANG KYO??? nasa jolibee lang ako di pa tyo nag-kita kita!

    Bobster, di ka sali sa Clark? kla ko kasali ka?

    Wilbert, saan ka sa Nova? Parents ko tiga-Nova ha.

    Hahaha…talagang iniiwasan mo kami. sa Zabarte near Robinson’s and SM Fairview.

  8. lonerunner says:

    wilbert, Madami ng sasama? sabi ni bob may bayad na daw ang sasama sa antipolo… 150 per head n daw. Peace!

    patungan ko ng P50 para may kita ako. hehehe

  9. JunC says:

    Congrats Wilbert on your 1st 15K. See you next week at Clark.

    thanks Jun. magkakasunod lang pala tayong nag-finish. see you at Clark!

  10. sfrunner says:

    Wilbert, small world seeing you at the NB store of Monday (hehehe).

    More seriously, congratulations on the 15K and in meeting you! Sorry about the delay but there have been some internet issues. Looking forward to seeing you at Clark. It should be an experience for all of us. Take care and will see you this weekend!

    I’m glad you recognized me in my glasses and office clothes. I had my medical checkup in Shangri-la Mall yesterday and it was a surprise to see you at NB store. I would have wanted to join you for lunch but I have some urgent stuff waiting for me at the office. Anyway, we could have lunch or dinner in Clark on Saturday. See you there. 🙂

  11. Bobby says:

    mukhang lumilinaw na ang future ko sa clark hehehe…kitakits tayo dun pepe…sige pagusapan natin antipolo run at ng makapag pagawa na ko ng tickets ng running tour…ayos na ba yung P200/head smith? kasama sa package ang kalamay, suman at kasuy wehehehe…

    haha…kita-kits. wag kalimutan yung cut ko sa P200/head ha.

  12. kulitrunner says:

    aba, aba, aba… buti na lang at nasilip ako dito. chat room na rin pala itech? siempre dapat kasali akesh dito!

    wilbert, naku yung slut/pokpok meter mo unti-unti nang tumataas! haha!

    bobby – join na sa clark. siempre ako libre sa antipolo ha?

    LR -honga tinaguan mo kami sa VSO, ano race number mo??? 😉

  13. lonerunner says:

    Ano ASL mo VR? Pwede bang maki-pag EB?

    oo nga Chatroom na ito!

    KR, natapon ko n yung race bib ko ata. halos late ako dumating mga 30secs n lang yung countdown sa 5K… kaya nag madali ako kunin race # kaso while running wla palang PIN kaya sa entire run hawak-hawak ko yung race bib…. tpos yung singlet S ang size di kasya. heheh

  14. ibetlacbay says:

    LR, EB tayo sa Clark! hahaha

    hahaha… chatroom na nga ito.

    KR, bilang na nga ata ang araw ng pagiging marathon virgin ko. hehe

  15. Bobby says:

    KR, join na akesh sa clark, ayokish ma-tigbakers ‘no? hehehe…sure libre ka sa antipolo running tour, basta sagot mo palagi ang wento.;-)

    hmmm…bakit kaya nagtago si papa peps?;-)

    eh di ayos, marami ng chatroom. sa weekend, may grand EB.:-)

  16. You’re absolutely right, Wilbert. I was extreeeemely happy to see the runner bloggers (and Happy Feet) at the VSO.

    Congrats for one great run. With your training and all, sisiw na lang sa yo ang 25k sa Clark!

    Hope to see you again in future races (or get together if there’s any).

    Thanks Nora! You did good as well. I saw that you placed second in your age category! Hope to see you again at UNICEF.

  17. Bro J says:

    Hi wilbert, congrats on your run. I have sent the photos already. Hope to see again soon. God bless on your NB race this weekend. I’ll be running here in QC with you guys, hehehehe.

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