Red Cups

Starbucks Red Cups are out! For those of you who are Starbucks fanatics, this means it is time to collect those stickers to get your Starbucks Coffee 2009 planner. Good news is there is a Starbucks at our new office location. Bad news is I won’t be tasting my favorite Peppermint Mocha this year. But I already found my caffeine fix in Dark Cherry Mocha (non-fat and no whip of course!)


Clumsy. I stepped on a piece of metal in our garage as I was about to turn-off the lights last night. Before I knew it, blood was already gushing out of my right heel. I was wearing slippers but for some reason that piece of metal still found its way through my heel. Ouch! There is still a slight pain but I’m praying the wound would heal in time for Sunday’s run.

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5 thoughts on “Red

  1. Hey how are you. Ouch! that is my worst nightmare stepping on a broken glass, nail or simply bumping my foot on the corner of a door , table etc. they should make metal shoes for us runners :-).
    nice site you have. Will see you in the races. take it easy.
    Patrick Concepcion / runningshield

    hi Pat. thanks for visiting my site. the wound is now healing and it should be okay by Sunday. See you!

  2. bards says:

    ohno! hope it your heel heals in time for sunday.
    i saw that dark cherry mocha yesterday … will try it nga.

    looks like it will be okay by Sunday. I already tried running 5K on the treadmill, medyo tiptoe nga lang. I tried the praline mocha today but i like dark cherry mocha more.

  3. kulitrunner says:

    ouch! vitamin c, oranges, juices for faster wound healing. 🙂

    Ouch talaga vimz pero mukhang okay na ngayon. bawal ako citrus ngayon until monday kasi i have an annual physical exam on monday.

  4. lonerunner says:

    Havaianas tsinelas mo ano? kung Spartan yan o Rambo yan di tatagos ang bubog. heheh

    kaya pala. meron pa bang rambo? magandang pamato ito sa tumbang preso. hehe

  5. ganns says:

    Bro, it might be a good idea to get a tetanus shot.

    hi ganns. good thing i already did.

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