It is not your usual LSD. It was LSD 2X – “long steep distance” and “long slow death”. That is how you describe the practice run me, and fellow Happy Feet members Mikey and Bobby did this morning.

After having races every weekend of October, runners finally had a break this weekend. I am 100% sure that they (including me) will not be sitting around but instead do their practice runs. Since I will be running for the 25K New Balance Power Race, I really need to add mileage to be able to finish my first 25K run. The longest run I had was the 21K Adidas KOTR and I was glad that Bobby invited us to try the East/Antipolo route.

Mikey and I met up at McDonald’s Philcoa past 4:30am and had breakfast before heading to Bobby’s house in Brookside Village Cainta. It was only then that we decided on our practice route – Valley Golf/Victoria Valley/Hinulugan Taktak then Hinulugan Taktak/Victoria Valley/Valley Golf/Sumulong Highway.

The route was very nice and you get to breathe fresh air. There were a lot of trees that kept the road cool and shaded. It felt like you were running in Tagaytay or Baguio without the cold weather and vehicles. You also have the road all by yourself. 

The route was challenging. The “killer hills” of McKinley were no match to Victoria Valley. I was breathing heavily going up to Hinulugang Taktak and to Sumulong Highway. This was the first time I experienced running in high altitude where the air is thin. I felt a great sense of accomplishment after conquering the hills. VSO 15K run would be “chicken”.

We completed a total of 19.3K and really enjoyed this run. We are looking forward on our next LSD 2X.

Hinulugan Taktak Falls

Hinulugan Taktak Falls

Baguio? nope - it's Antipolo

Baguio? nope - it's Antipolo

Hinulugan Taktak Road

Hinulugan Taktak Road

Bobby and me

Bobby and me

me and Mikey

me and Mikey

view from Sumulong Highway

view from Sumulong Highway

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8 thoughts on “LSD 2X

  1. prometheuscometh says:

    Wow! That looks like a really nice place to go for a run and to think it is just outside Manila. Maybe one day I can run with you guys!

    I highly recommend this route. We are planning on extending our run to Antipolo church. Sama ka next time.

  2. Bobby says:

    nice recap wilbert, sige tuloy natin ng church next time para makapag kalamay at kasuy hehehe…

    salamat din for inviting us. next time punta na tayo church.

  3. bards says:

    Fun weekend run! Sumulong highway was not scary?

    Im planning a route din that would end up in the same area pero coming from Pasig through Greenwoods. Kailangan ko pa lang mag-emote and internalize hehe

    turnaround point yung sumulong highway. madaming sasakyan at bikers. highly recommended yung taktak road.

  4. run unltd. says:

    Ganda ng lugar. Hope to run there too. See you at VSO.

    Yep maganda yung lugar. Kitakits sa VSO.

  5. lonerunner says:

    Ganda ng views medyo nasira lang ng mga runners. Kidding aside, maganda ha… parang baguio nga! Nice pics!

    hahaha. dapat pala yung mga pics na lang na wala kami ang pinost ko. sama ka sa susunod.

  6. sfrunner says:

    Hi Wilbert. How tough are the “killer hills of McKinley?” Knowing that I’m now doing the 15K on Sunday, I did a few more hills on my 8K training run than normal.

    Anyway, nice post and photos. I’ll see you Sunday!!!!

    Hi Wayne. Not as steep as Lombard St. but it is a challenge. See you Sunday

  7. you guys are Addicts. Addict to running. Great LSD run. Oh by the way if you past sumulong highway going towards al padi antipolo. before you hit al padi its the lopez compound on the left and on the right is LaVeranda ( its a compound with colour white fence ). drop by in La Veranda and look for me to say hi and a drink im there every other week. its my family rest house. i think its picture no. 6 above.
    take care thank you

    yeah. we are really addicted to running and will definitely do the route again. thanks for the offer Pat. we are planning on going all the way up to Antipolo church the next time and we can drop by your place.

  8. Panalo! « says:

    […] Running in the Urban Jungle Panalo! November 30, 2008 When I saw Wilbert’s post about their run from Cainta to Hinulugang Taktak in Antipolo some three weeks ago. I vowed to […]

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