NB Power Race 25K singlet

I went to New Balance Glorietta today before heading to my volleyball practice to claim my singlet and race packet. I was surprised to see the singlet being white and red instead of white and blue for 5K and 10K. But then again, the color would match my red NB 835 I will be using come race day. 😉



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3 thoughts on “NB Power Race 25K singlet

  1. 2sfrunner says:

    Hi Wilbert. Nice singlet, I’ll see you soon!

    2 more weeks Wayne

  2. Taki says:

    Ganda pala ng 25K singlet.. .hmmm… now parang gusto ko na mag 25K.. hehe

    tara 25K na! 😀

  3. DATC says:

    Wilbert, what’s the 25k route like? My packet is still with Jay and he’s out of the office for the week, excited na ako malaman 🙂

    Dindo, there is a map included in the race packet pero walang street names. Hindi rin ako familiar sa Clark but I mapped the route in google earth. Please see my new post.

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