4th OctobeRun Festival

– Ample supply of water. The water stations are placed just right.

– Good 10K distance. My Nike+ sportband measured it as 10.4I.

– Different starting times for 10K, 5K and 3K. There was a 2 minute interval between the starting times.

– Met runner bloggers Bro J, Taki, Philip, Bald Runner and Jaymie (TBR) for the first time. Good to see Loonyrunner, Bugobugo, Jinoe and Que and the “missing” Prom.

 – New PR for me! Unofficial time according to my Nike+ sportsband is 55:57. It was a surprise since I played volleyball the night before and only had 3 hours of sleep plus a slight pain on my right knee (my excuses just in case I have a bad time…hehe).

me at the start/finish line

me at the start/finish line

Que, Jinoe, me and Ruth

Que, Jinoe, me and Ruth

Ruth, Roselle, Jinoe, Que

Ruth, Roselle, Jinoe, Que

baldrunner and manokan express

baldrunner and manokan express

vballrunner and baldrunner

vballrunner and baldrunner

Glenn, Jinoe, Philip, Taki and me

Glenn, Jinoe, Philip, Taki and me

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11 thoughts on “4th OctobeRun Festival

  1. Wow! New PR inspite of the lack of sleep and over fatigue . . . Congratulations Wilbert!

    Missed the OctobeRUN. Had to attend to my sick daughter.

    Hope to see you in the VSO Run.

    Thanks Nora. That’s why we (Jinoe, Bro J and me) couldn’t find you this morning. Hope your daughter gets well soon and see you in VSO run.

  2. kulitrunner says:

    hello wilbert! congrats on your PR.. PR lang ng PR! 🙂

    thanks vimz! na-miss namin kayo kanina. konti lang happy feet at wala yung magugulo…hahaha.

  3. Bobby says:

    congrats on your PR wilbert…pahinga muna sa races…did my long run this morning with a HF newbie from pasig. 1 lang pumatol sa yaya ko eh hehehe…she’s training for singapore marathon kaya solved siya sa 14k hillrun namin. might see you sa VSO run pag okay ang sked, if not, sa NB na lang.

    thanks bobby. si roselle nga hindi na nakasama sa inyo pero at least may nakasama ka.

  4. bards says:

    haha bawal ka na matulog ngayon before a race 😛 congrats on your PR!

    thanks bards. hindi na naman kita nakita kanina. actually iniisip ko nga na wag ng matulog. baka maka 50 ako…hehehe

  5. prometheuscometh says:

    Congrats ha! Everytime na lang tumtakbo ka pabilis ng pabilis ah! See you sa VSO!

    Salamat! Hindi ko pa rin nakakalimutan yung 55 minutes or should I be targeting 50 na…hehe. Yep see you at VSO. New PR uli kasi first 15K. 🙂

  6. sfrunner says:

    Wilbert, congratulations on the PR. Asteeg! You are getting faster. Also, nice photos. I’ll e-mail you in the next couple of days. Take care and have a good week!

    Thanks Wayne! I still have to break 55 minutes.

  7. JunC says:

    Hi Wibert, Congrats on your new PR!! It was Nice meeting you….

    Thanks JunC. Nice meeting you too. 🙂

  8. Lia says:

    i knew it, you looked familiar when i handed you the Unicef singlet. your blog is one of the running blogs i frequent. 🙂

    uy thanks lia 🙂

  9. DATC says:

    Congratulations, ang laki at ang bilis ng improvements mo sa time!

    thanks Dindo! sabi ni Jay 40 na raw ang target ko…goodluck..hehehe. Are you running at VSO?see you

  10. Taki says:

    Wilbert, thanks nga pala for running at our event. Holloween Shake Rattle and Run naman tayo this friday. 🙂

    Salamat din for a well organized run. Pag maaga ako makaalis ng office baka mag run ako sa Friday.

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