Saturday run

I live in Novaliches QC very near SM Fairview and there is this Neopolitan Business Park (beside SM Fairview) where I see a lot of people running, biking and doing exercises whenever I go to the office in the morning. I was thinking about doing a Saturday run since I initially do not have any volleyball games this weekend (although at the last minute our team scheduled a practice in the afternoon) and the this could be a perfect time to try out the area.


 I woke up at around 5:30 am this morning, put on my Nike running shorts, socks, shoes, sportsband, PMI singlet and proceeded running. My planned route was – Zabarte Road, Quirino Highway, Regalado Ave, Neopolitan Business Park then back to our village.  I figured that the route would be about 5km.



 I ran a much slower pace than what I do during races. Although there were a lot of vehicles along Zabarte Road and Quirino Highway, I managed to get to my destination without problems.  Seeing a lot of runners and bikers at Neopolitan made me feel relieved and not alone anymore. It was a perfect place do your runs – no cars, no pollution, trees lining the roads and it has a 1km loop. I did 3 rounds before headding back home.


 All in all I completed 7kms and found a new haven to do my practice runs.

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One thought on “Saturday run

  1. prometheuscometh says:

    NIce photos! Looks like a great place to run too with all those other people. Maybe one day when I decide to just run to Novaliches I can drop by!

    Just let me know. 🙂

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