Paa-Bilisan 2008

  • I was targeting 55 minutes but wasn’t able to get it. Instead, I finished the 10K course with an unofficial time of 58:19 still a PR! Thanks to fitmommy for pacing me. Try natin uli i-break ang 55 minutes sa next run.
  • Forgot to bring my camera. Good thing I have my camera phone ready and I was able to get great and interesting photos.

orange everywhere

at the finish line

with the legendary Zorro

Storm Troopers (i wonder where master yoda is?)


Happy Feet

Happy Feet

with Elma Muros-Posadas


7 thoughts on “Paa-Bilisan 2008

  1. kulitrunner says:

    nice pix wilbert and congrats on the PR! =)

    thanks vimz! sayang wala kayo kanina. kita-kita sa octoberun? 🙂

  2. lonerunner says:

    wilbert, may blog k pla! i will link u ha. 🙂

    sure. bago lang ito.

  3. Jinoe says:

    New header a… Nice. Congrats on the run. Next week uli? OctobeRun?

    ayos ba bagong header? hehehe… yep octoberun. target pa rin yung 55 😉

  4. bards says:

    astig na photo-op … elma muros *bow*. di ako naka-chika because i had 16more to finish before i could go home. took my pocari sweat and started out again.

    congrats on your PR! 😛

    thanks. i wanted to run another round kaso sobrang init na. di bale dami pa namang runs. 🙂

  5. kulitrunner says:

    yep! see you sa octoberun! 🙂

  6. run unltd. says:

    That was one hot morning run. Aim your personal best at the early month of the year, but treat your races as a go to. Happy running & see you again.

  7. Bro J says:

    Hi wilbert, congrats on your new PR. Hope to meet you at Octoberun. The whole family will be running. I’ll do the 5K kasi i-pace ko si swthrt. The kids will be joining the 3K run. God bless!

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