Accenture Volleyball Team

Got this writeup from our office’s weekly news bulletin.

The AVT: A force to be reckoned with

The Accenture Volleyball Team has in the same way been a strong force divided amongst strategic teams, as it continues to compete in several leagues in the off-season of the AVL. With the beginning of this fiscal year came an opportunity for victory, as both the Men’s and Women’s teams joined the ADB Invitational Tournament which began on September 4th. Racking up consecutive wins, Accenture topped both divisions earning a twice-to-beat advantage for the semifinals. This was unnecessary, however, as both teams calmly beat their opponents with their eyes on the championship.

In mid-September, the AVT also fielded teams for the Corporate and Open Divisions of the Volle 650 Tournament held on weekends at Club650, Libis. The elimination round is still ongoing – view the schedule and watch the games!

October proves to be a busy month for the AVT, as they also joined the 1st ITAP Volleyball Tournament. Accenture showed they are High Performers at work and more so at play, as they challenged other IT companies and swept the one-day league, gladly accepting the championship trophy from Mr. Peter Tan, ITAP President. Our very own Ms. Ning Siy, chairperson of the ITAP Sports Committee, proudly congratulated the team.

The ADB Tournament finals will surely be exciting as the Accenture Women’s team plays Meralco, while the Men’s team will play Claret – both teams need 2 wins from the best of 3 games series. Come to the Greenhills Christian Fellowship court (near Robinson’s Galleria East Wing) and cheer on your colleagues!

Tuesday, October 21 @ GCF
6:30pm [Men’s Finals Game 1] – Accenture vs Claret
8pm [Women’s Finals Game 1] – Accenture vs Meralco

Thursday, October 23 @ GCF
6:30pm [Women’s Finals Game 2] – Accenture vs Meralco
8pm [Men’s Finals Game 2] – Accenture vs Claret


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