I am the King of the Road

My first ever 21K! I initially planned on just doing 10K but after completing almost 16K during one practice run and words of encouragement (or should I say peer pressure :P) from some HF members I decided to do 21K at the last minute.

I played volleyball last Thursday (semi-finals in the ADB tournament where we won against ADB) and Friday (one day ITAP volleyball tournament where we emerged as champions). With little training and a bit tired from the previous nights volleyball games, I managed to wake-up at 3:30am and I arrived past 5 at the Fort to met up with the Happy Feet group.

I did not have any problems with the Buendia route. Sensei John, Bobby, Roselle and me had a good pace and there was plenty of water at the water stations. I was pacing with Roselle on our way back to the Fort but decided to run on my own after we went down Buendia flyover.

The route towards Heritage was really a challenge. First, the heat was terrible. I could feel it burning my skin. Second, water ran out at the remaining water stations towards the finish line. I felt really dehydrated and started running at a slower pace. In the end, I managed to push myself and finished with an unofficial time of 2 hours and 35 minutes.

After the run, I drowned myself with plenty of water and ate the oatmeal bar and banana that were given out after the race. I felt happy and fullfilled that I was able to complete 21K. I am looking forward to next runs and would definitely go for a PR on my next 21K.

Also, the race would not be complete without the usual photo ops.

Before the start of the run

Happy Feet!

Tiffin, Mark and Me

Me with Jay (prometheus cometh)


Happy Feet with Kenyan runner Sarah


11 thoughts on “I am the King of the Road

  1. sfrunner says:

    Wilbert, yes you are King Of The Road! Congrats my friend. I heard and read a number of e-mail entries and added my thoughts. However, you prevailed and I’m proud of you.

    As always, great photos! I’m wondering how many I’ll see while I’m in the Philippines. Take care and have a good week ahead!

    Thanks Wayne! For sure you will be seeing a lot of runners once you get here.

  2. jinoe says:

    Wilbert congrats sa 21K. What’s next? 42K na? I never got to meet the Kenyans. They used to contact me for the race info and then I lost contact then they arrived last Tues. Akala ko hindi sila nakasali. Expect more of them to come for the other races in Pinas.

    Thanks Jinoe! Hindi ko pa ata kaya 42K, hanggang 21K muna. I only saw one of them and she placed second in women’s category. After the race nakita namin cya uli ni Roselle kaya nagpa-picture na kami with her.

  3. prometheuscometh says:

    Eto pala ang blog mo! Congrats on your first 21K! Just to be sure I think you need to bring a hydration kit in your next 21K race. I never trust the organizer to have enough water or water stations during these races.

    Thanks Prom. With what I have experienced last Saturday, for sure may dala na akong hydration kit sa next 21K. Pati na cap at shades.

    Target ko pa rin ang less than 55 minutes sa 10K. Try ko next week!

  4. run unltd. says:

    You know water are abundant at the stations at first, but as we go late, inuubos na yan nung mga nasa una, kaya mainam na ang may baon, di ba.
    Congratulations again on your inaugural 21k run, its nice meeting you. See you again at the races..


    Thanks Vener! Kelangan mas mabilis tayo next time para hindi tayo maubusan ng tubig…hehehe. Magbabaon na talaga ako ng water sa next 21K

  5. DATC says:

    Congrats Wilbert! The last part from Lawton all the way to the finish line was tough, especially without the water yet you made it, galing! I brought my own water too, since with 5000 runners, you can suspect that organizers might run out of water.

    Thanks DATC! Sobrang hirap talaga after Lawton. I had to really slow down and make use of the ice para makaabot sa finish line.

  6. Bobby says:

    yo wilbert! nice blog, congrats to us first time half marathoners hehehe…ang sarap pakinggan, kayanin kaya natin maging full marathoners? abangan…see you sunday bro.

    thanks bobby. salamat din kay sensei john ting! next year kaya na nating mag full marathon 😉 yep see you sunday. i have a PR to break!

  7. Congratulations, Wilbert! You only started running last year, but you managed to run 21k already. What a feat!

    Kelan ko kaya kayo makikita?

    Thanks! Congrats din sayo for winning your category. Kelan ka mag-run para i-ensure natin na makikita mo ang happy feet?

  8. bugobugo says:

    congratulations for nailing your first 21. ang natural progression niyan ay 42. di ka pa ba kinakating mag 42? it will be sooner than you think and hindi makukuha sa kamot iyan kundi sa pagtakbo lang.importante ,makatapos bawat karera.good luck bro.

    thanks bugo2. looking forward na ako sa 42K at marami pa akong time mag-practice.

  9. I have registered for Octoberun Festival and VSO Bahaginan, both 5k. But I know a lot of HF runners will be present this Sat. at AAV. I might go there but not to race, probably just enjoy an easy run. Will you be there?

    Hi Nora. I have a volleyball game on Saturday so Sunday na ako mag-run via Paa-Bilisan. See you sa Octoberun (just registered today) and VSO.

  10. joy says:

    Ibet, run ka ba sa AAV sa yabang pinoy?
    Hehe! I didnt see you sa KOTR 😀

    Hello Joy! May volleyball game ako this Saturday. Sa Sunday na ako mag-run uli and all the remaining Sundays of October. Talagang Octoberfest!
    Nakita kita sa KOTR on Buendia. Papunta kayo ng Ayala tapos pabalik na kami sa the Fort. 🙂

  11. bro J says:

    Congrats on your first Half Marathon! The support and encouragements from other runners really mean a lot. Hope to meet you and other HF members on the road too! God bless!

    thanks bro j! i’ll be running at Paa-Bilisan and OctobeRun. see you there.

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