Happy Sunday

It started with Vimz’ email to HF that she misses the group and wanted to do a practice run on Sept 28. I really wanted to go but I had to stay overnight in Cavite for my and Roselle friend’s birthday. At the last minute, I decided to leave Cavite early with Roselle and meet up with the reset of the Happy Feet gang.

Me and Roselle arrived just in time at Velasquez Park in Salcedo Village and saw Mon, Bobby, Del, Doc Gigi, Jesse, Jinoe, Que, Tanya, Ipe and Jan. Vimz was no where in sight. The group decided to go ahead but after running a few meters, Mon received a text from Vimz that she just arrived. We then went back and met up with Vimz, Art and Mikey. And it was also at this time the group decided on the route – Valesquez Park to McKinley Hills.

Mickey and Jan paced the group. It was a good and manageable pace as some were even chatting and laughing while running. We had a quick break and grabed some drinks upon reaching McKinley Hills. I checked my Nike+ sportsband and saw that we already completed 8 kms. We then saw Joms and Sensei John zooming downhill as we prepare to run again. Inspired by these two running, Roselle and I decided to follow them and do an additional 2 kms.

I am already familiar with McKinley Hills as I already ran there via Accenture Fun Day last June. We ran on the main road going to C-5 and saw Joms, Mikey, Jan and Sensei already making their way back. To my surprise Sensei John joined me and Roselle. We made a U turn upon reaching C-5 road and headed back to Velasquez Park. Sensei gave a some tips and even taught us how to “roll” on our way back to meet the rest of the group. 

When we arrived at the park, I checked my sportsband again and could not believe that I have just completed 15.67 kms. This is my longest run so far and so is for the other members of the group. We ended our meeting with a breakfast at McDonald’s HV dela Costa.

sitting: sensei john, wilbert, roselle, gigi   standing: mon, tanya, tin, bobby, art, jesse, del, ipe, jinoe and que


sitting: roselle, sensei john, wilbert, art   standing: tin, mon, tanya, bobby, vimz, gigi, jesse, del, ipe, and jinoe 


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