Under one hour

I did the PMI run this morning. The weather was great – it was cool as the sky was overcast. The trees lined on the side of the UP roads added to the coolness that already was. Compared to the Run for Your Life, PMI run drew more runners probably because of the PMI students that were present. The route was the same as run for your life – 2 laps around UP campus. I started slow on my first lap. Every now and then I would glance at my Nike+ sportsband to check my time and pace. I had this goal of finishing a 10K run under 1 hour but seeing my pace for the first lap I said to myself that this will not happen for this race. And so on the second lap, I decided not to look at my sportsband anymore but just concentrate on running. I increased my pace on the last 500 meters. Nearing the finish line, I decided to look up to check the official time and to my surprise the time read as 59 minutes. I sprinted and crossed the finish line at 59:58!!! My sportsband registered exactly 1 HR but I stopped the time few seconds after I crossed the finish line. So now that I have done 10K under 1 hour, next goal is 10K under 55 minutes.


2 thoughts on “Under one hour

  1. sfrunner says:

    Oh my god. Wilbert. I didn’t know you were on WordPress. Hope everything is going well with you. Congrats again on the sub one hour 10K. That is a milestone and something that you should be proud of.

    Please take care and have a good week!

  2. ibetlacbay says:

    Hi Wayne. This is a new one. 🙂 See you soon.

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